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    Ex-Firehouse bassist; ‘Nugent put a cocked 9mm to my temple’

    Former FireHouse Bassist Recalls Gunpoint Threat from Ted Nugent: “…put it to my temple and told me never to touch him again. I have nothing good to say about him.”   Decibel Geek Podcast — Former FireHouse bassist Perry Richardson guests on Episode 227 of the Decibel Geek Podcast to discuss his 35+ year career in rock music. In this hour-plus discussion, Perry shares stories of his early history with bands such as Maxx Warrior[…]

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    Rock N’ Skull @ RNS Tickets – Pre-Party Tix – Facebook – Twitter Rock N’ Skull @ RNS Tickets – Pre-Party Tix – Facebook – Twitter

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    TUFF “The Glam Years” on CD

    Hollywood  —  TUFF release Jim Gillette era recordings to coincide with 30 year Anniversary. TUFF first formed in 1985 and has now officially turned 30. To celebrate the 3 decade mark the band will issue a special edition vinyl titled “Decadation” and “The Glam Years 1985-1989″ on CD digipak. Both releases are courtesy of the band’s official imprint label RLS Records and already available digitally at iTunes. Originally based in Phoenix Arizona the group moved to Los Angeles[…]

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Chip Z’Nuff recalls Donnie Vie riding stolen horse in Burger King drive-thru

Chip Z’Nuff talks about Donnie Vie taking stolen horse through Burger King drive-thru on ‘Rock and/or Roll’ podcast   Rock And/Or Roll Podcast — On this episode Brian “BJ” Kramp has an in depth converation with Chip Z’Nuff about the early years of his great band Enuff Z’Nuff and how a power pop band came to be marketed as a hair metal band. Chip also gives us the inside scoop on Enuff Z’Nuff’s near misses with reality[…]

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JACKPOT! Metal Sludge does Las Vegas for New Years Weekend By: Gerry Gittelson

JACKPOT! METAL SLUDGE DOES LAS VEGAS FOR NEW YEARS WEEKEND     LAS VEGAS, Nev., USA — They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas — but not in our case. Metal Sludge took in a long, rockin’ weekend to the city that never sleeps (that part is true) for an official road report. No surprise, it has taken us a few days to recover, but alas we have all the gory details and[…]

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HANG ON LUCY … The History Of WildSide by Benny Rhynedance: Parts 1 & 2 of 5

HANG ON LUCY The History of WildSide… Part 1    Hollywood, CA — Trying to keep up with all things Hair Metal and the Sunset Strip hey day we couldn’t help but share this. WildSide was a great band from the Hollywood scene of yesteryear. And this play-by-play by someone who lived it is a great read for fans of the band. WildSide had a real shot, but truth is the group got their big[…]

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