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20 Questions With Johnny Solinger, 2/15/00


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… New Skid Row Singer Johnny Solinger This week’s 20 Questions is with new Skid Row singer Johnny Solinger.  Skid Row only announced Johnny as their new singer 2 weeks ago, and BAM, Metal Sludge already has ...

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Sludge Scan For February 2000

  As Of February 11, 2000 Sebastian Bach  "Bring ‘Em Bach Alive" 6,374 Dope  "Felons & Revolutionaries" 62,896 Godsmack 1,728,879 Kid Rock  "Devil Without A Cause" 4,765,348 Korn  "Issues" 2,112,609 Lit  "Tripping The Light Fantastic"   Reissue, 11/28/99 1,280 11,729 ...

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Rewind with Tracii Guns, 2/10/00


   METAL SLUDGE REWIND WITH… L.A. Guns Guitarist Tracii Guns  Our first Metal Sludge Rewind is with L.A. Guns and current Poison guitarist Tracii Guns.  The last time we talked to Tracii was back on December 2, 1998.  He was ...

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20 Questions With Jeff Pilson, 2/8/00

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Dokken’s Bass Player Jeff Pilson This week’s 20 Questions is the first of 3 interviews we are doing with the guys from Dokken.  Jeff is first, then ex-guitarist George Lynch will be up in about 2 ...

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20 Questions With Butch Walker, 2/1/00

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… The Marvelous 3’s Butch Walker This week’s 20 Questions is with Butch Walker.  You old school metal freaks will remember Butch as the guitarist for Southgang.   Well he’s still playing guitar but he’s also singing now ...

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