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Rewind With Ginger, 8/10/00

  METAL SLUDGE REWIND WITH… Former Wildhearts & Current Silver Ginger 5 Singer Ginger We last talked to Ginger on July 27, 1999.  He’s not a shy bloke and is always one to speak his mind, and this Rewind is ...

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20 Questions With Blitz, 8/8/00

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Overkill Singer Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth This week’s 20 Questions are with Blitz from Overkill.  It seems that the heavier the band we interview, the more pissed off and hostile they come off.  This is no exception.  ...

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Sludge Scans For August 2000

  As Of August 7, 2000 Bon Jovi "Crush" 381,209 Iron Maiden "Brave New World" 121,712 Motley Crue "New Tattoo" 67,223 Poison "Greatest Hits" 788,318 Poison "Crack A Smile" 52,971 Poison "Power To The People" 31,288 Notes: Poison’s "Power To ...

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20 Questions With Evan Seinfeld, 8/1/00

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Biohazard Singer & Bass Player Evan Seinfeld This week’s interview victim is definitely not shy and we’re sure he’ll be pissing off some people.  But he probably doesn’t give a shit one way or the other.  ...

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20 Questions With Scotti Hill, 7/27/00

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Skid Row Guitarist Scotti Hill Doesn’t Scotti looked thrilled?  He sent us that exclusive photo of him eating!  Only during our interviews will you see a guy in a towel eating a sandwich. This is the third ...

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