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20 Questions With Steve West, 1/11/00


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Danger Danger Drummer Steve West This week’s 20 Questions is with Steve West.  A few months back we interviewed Danger Danger bass player Bruno Ravel, and before that we interviewed former singer Ted Poley.   That means ...

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20 Questions With Mitch Allan, 1/9/00


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… SR-71 Singer Mitch Allan For those of you who still bother to watch MTV, you might have seen SR-71′s video for "Right Now" in rotation over the last few months. They also had a shit load ...

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Sludge Scan For January 2000

  Happy New Year! As Of January 5, 2000. Sebastian Bach "Bring Em Bach Alive" 4,735               Guns N’ Roses "Live Era – ’87-’93" 278,059            Methods Of Mayhem 159,438           Motley Crue "Entertainment Or Death" 70,432 Sebastian Bach sold 493 CDs last ...

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20 Questions With Captain Janks, 1/4/00

  21 QUESTIONS WITH… Captain Janks This week’s 20 Questions is with Captain Janks.  You Howard Stern fans know who Captain Janks is, but for the 5 or 6 of you who don’t, he’s the guy who’s responsible for starting ...

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20 Questions With Kelly Hansen, 12/28/99

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Ex-Hurricane Singer Kelly Hansen We’re not going to lie, this interview is weak.  Weaker than Sebastian Bach’s album sales.  But hey, it’s the holidays, so things are slow around here.  We’ve been holding on to this ...

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