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Metal Sludge Invades Rock Fest Tour, 7/9/02

METAL SLUDGE INVADES METAL EDGE’S ROCK FEST TOUR! "Mr Fit & Trim" Jani Lane with Jim Bob Dwarf! Instead of our typical 20 Questions, we’re doing a total of 97 Questions today! On July 3rd, we sent everybody’s favorite interviewer, ...

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3-Wind with Butch Walker, 7/8/02

  3-WIND WITH… Butch Walker We first did 20 Questions with Butch on February 1, 2000. Then we did his Rewind on May 24, 2001.Now it’s 2002 and time for his 3-Wind! And what do you know, his new album, ...

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20 Questions with Danny Grady, 7/2/02

   20 QUESTIONS WITH… Injected Singer Danny Grady This week we’re talking to Danny from Injected, in case you haven’t already figured it out. Injected is on Island/Def Jam and they had their CD released earlier this year, which was ...

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  BLUE MEANIE EXPOSED! No, that’s not his latest gimmick, it’s his actually Graduation Photo! We had an anoymous person send us these photos so we thought we’d Exposed our friend and wrestler the Blue Meanie. These photos are from ...

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