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20 Questions With Mike Tramp, 1/15/02

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Ex-White Lion Singer Mike Tramp A few weeks back, we got an email from Mike Tramp saying, "Hi sludges, it’s Mike Tramp here. Everyone says I should do 20 questions or an interview with you guys, ...

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Sludge Scans For January 2002

  As of January 12, 2002 Beautiful Creatures 29,288 Faster Pussycat 87,888* Faster Pussycat "Wake Me When It’s Over" 129,569* Faster Pussycat "Belted, Buckled & Booted" 22,120 Faster Pussycat "Whipped" 80,936 Faster Pussycat "Greatest Hits" 15,519 Faster Pussycat "Between the ...

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Donna’s Ho-Bag For January 11, 2002

  Welcome to the return of Donna’s Ho-Bag! Being a New Year I thought I’d add some things to Donna’s Domain. Cuming up for February is Donna’s Sex Tree. It will link everybody sexual from Pauly Shore to Kid Rock. ...

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Rewind With Russ Dwarf, 1/9/02


  REWIND WITH… Killer Dwarfs Singer Russ Dwarf We last talked to Russ on October 3, 2000. Since that time, the Killer Dwarfs have put out a live CD & DVD. Russ also can be seen in some of their ...

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20 Questions With Neil Turbin, 1/8/02

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Ex-Anthrax Singer Neil Turbin In our never ending quest to bring you 20 Questions with ex-Anthrax members, we bring to you 20 Questions with original Anthrax singer Neil Turbin. After 17 years, Neil is finally back. ...

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Rewind With Jani Lane, 1/3/02


  ReWind withWarrant’s Jani Lane Here we go again! It was almost exactly a year ago since we first did 20 Questions with Jani Lane. In fact, our 20 Questions went up on January 2nd. A year later, it’s January ...

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