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Rewind With Chip Z’Nuff, 2/22/01

  METAL SLUDGE REWIND WITH… Enuff Z’Nuff Bass Player Chip Z’Nuff Jim Bob Dwarf has struck again! This time he got Chip & Donnie from Enuff Z’Nuff to do Rewinds with us! Here’s the story along with a photo of Enuff ...

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20 Questions With Chris Caffery, 2/20/01


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Savatage Guitarist Chris Caffery Sludgeaholic and wrestler The Blue Meanie hooked us up with Chris, who not only plays in Savatage but also in Trans-Siberian Orchestra. His answer to Question #1 is probably the longest answer ...

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20 Questions With Daddy Long Legs, 2/13/01


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… The Wolfpac’s Daddy Long Legs Welcome to our very fitting Valentine’s Week 20 Questions. Nothing says romance like an interview with Daddy Long Legs. Now you might be asking yourself, "Who the fuck is Daddy Long ...

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Sludge Scans For February 2001

  As Of February 9, 2001 Backyard Babies "Total 13" 2,392 Cold s/t 39,778 Cold "13 Ways To Bleed Onstage" 81,046 Alice Cooper "Hey Stoopid" 346,115 Alice Cooper "The Last Temptation" 105,854 Alice Cooper "Classicks" 213,101 Alice Cooper "A Fistful ...

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