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CD Reviews 2000


    The Scores: The Cover This is the first thing you see in a record store. Does the cover makes your nuts dance? Does it part your butt hair? Does it make sense? Does it relate to the CD ...

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KIK TRACEE “No Rules” (1991)

  KIK TRACEE "No Rules" (1991) By Donna Anderson Cover: 7 Rule Breakers out of 10. The cover is of a large train (with the bands logo) going down the tracks with a bunch of old guys "breaking the rules" ...

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Sludge Scans For October 2001

  Updated On October 3, 2001 Alien Ant Farm "Anthology" 922,687 Beautiful Creatures 16,045 Betty Blowtorch "Are You Man Enough?" 3,569 Collective Soul "7 Year Itch" 38,521 Drowning Pool "Sinner" 791,759 Every Mother’s Nightmare "Smokin’ Delta Voodoo" 347 Every Mother’s ...

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20 Questions With Rick Ruhl, 10/2/01


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Every Mother’s Nightmare Singer Rick Ruhl This week’s 20 Questions are with Rick Ruhl. A month or so ago, we got an email from EMN’s guitarist Jeff Caughron saying he was down with the page and ...

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