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20 Questions with Marc Ferrari, 1/28/03


   20 QUESTIONS WITH… Keel/Cold Sweat/Ferrari Guitarist Marc Ferrari (with Vince Neil & Peter Criss, 1987)   Marc Ferrari is a guy who needs no introduction! Actually, he does, but we’re too lazy to try and think of something to ...

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The Delusions Of A BulletBoy, 1/26/03

  THE DELUSIONS OF BULLETBOY! This type of stuff is the foundation of what Metal Sludge was built on. It’s based on an interview BulletBoys’ singer Marq Torien gave the other day. I was originally going to call this post ...

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20 Questions with Donna C, 1/21/03


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… The Donnas’ Drummer Donna C Last week The Donnas performed on TRL and on Saturday Night Live, but this week is their biggest week yet cause Donna C is doing 20 Questions with us! Who needs ...

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Idiots Of The Web, Volume 1

  IDIOTS OF THE WEB Volume 1 You know, I visit a few other sites on the web and the amount of stupidity I come across is mind blowing. Deaf one eyed mongoloids have more of a clue than some ...

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20 Questions with Eric Martin, 1/14/03


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Ex-Mr. Big Singer Eric Martin Have you wondered what Eric Martin has been up to since Mr. Big brokeup? If so, you might need to get out more, but we have your answers anyway! This week ...

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