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Donna’s Ho-Bag For September 22, 2002

Donna’s Ho-Bag For September 22, 2002 Hello everybody! Even though my Ho-Bag is one of the most popular portions of Metal Sludge, it’s not updated that much and I take responsibility for that because I can’t figure out a way ...

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Sludge Scans For September 2002

  As Of September 15, 2002 Aerosmith "Get A Grip" 4,595,371 Aerosmith "Nine Lives" 2,086,567 Aerosmith "A Little South Of Sanity" 677,523 Aerosmith "Just Push Play" 1,234,357 Aerosmith "O Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits" 483,276 Bowling For Soup "Drunk Enough To ...

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Rewind with Billy Morris, 9/19/02


  REWIND WITH… Warrant Guitarist Billy Morris What a perfect time to hit Billy up for a Rewind! Fresh off the Rock Fest tour and last weekend’s controversy! We first did 20 Questions with Billy on May 22, 2001. This ...

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20 Questions with Victoria Fuller, 9/10/02

  20 QUESTIONS WITH…Playboy Playmate Victoria Fuller This week we’re talking to January 1996 Playboy Playmate Victoria Fuller. Earlier this year she appeared in David Lee Roth’s "No Holds Bar-B-Que" video that has yet to be released, and it’s been ...

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