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  LEMMY EXPOSED! Lemmy as a priest? Yes, that’s Lemmy, priest collar and all! It’s taken from about 1965 from his band The Rocking Vickers! Compared to the other guys in the band, Lemmy actually looks like young hunk! That’s ...

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When Slaughter Fans Write, Part One


  "WHEN SLAUGHTER FANS WRITE – PART ONE"  Soon to be a Fox Thursday Night Special! This next post is going to disturb you. It should upset you. It should get you really pissed. This is worse than those Thrusday ...

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3-Wind with Jeff Pilson, 5/26/03


  3-WIND WITH… Jeff Pilson We first did20 Questionswith Jeff Pilson on February 8, 2000. We did hisRewindon August 20, 2001. Now it’s time for his 3-Wind! Jeff is a huge Sludgeaholic who has frequently mentioned us in interviews, played ...

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Rewind With Mike Fasano, 5/9/03


  REWIND WITH… Ex-Warrant Drummer Mike "The Sack" Fasano We first talked to Mike on August 14, 2001. Other the years, Fasano has been a frequent part of Metal Sludge. He was one of the many stars of Rikki Rockett’s ...

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