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Rikki Rockett & Joey Allen, 4/16/03


  DUAL SUPER BALLS AWARDS!   Last week, Rikki Rockett and Joey Allen exchanged emails on our page to the entertainment of the Sludgeaholics everywhere. A lot of people would try to keep their disagreements private, but these two took ...

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20 Questions with Steve Brown, 4/15/03


    20 QUESTIONS WITH… 40 Ft. Ringo and Ex-Trixter Guitarist Steve Brown   This week we finally have Steve Brown, formerly of Trixter! We did 20 Questions in the past with singer Pete Loran and bass player P.J. Farley, ...

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Idiots Of The Web, Volume 3


  IDIOTS OF THE WEB Volume 3 It’s been a while since I’ve found some Idiots to goof on, but this these people take the whole fucking cake. Now you might be asking, "Ozzy, where did you find all these ...

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  DEFTONES EXPOSED! You guys might want to put your shirts back on. There is nothing pretty about these Exposed photos. These photos of the Deftones are from the early to mid-90s when the band was playing throughout California. Uh, ...

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