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3-Wind With Kevin DuBrow, 8/12/03


  3-WIND WITH… Quiet Riot Singer Kevin DuBrow It’s Tuesday and you’re saying, "where’s 20 Questions?" Well in case you never noticed, our Rewinds and 3-Winds generally have 20 questions, so guess what? We’re doing a 3-Wind today instead of ...

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Brent Muscat, 8/12/03


  SUPER BALLS AWARD! Brent Muscat This is long over due! After receiving some of the most brutal and honest Tour Diaries we’ve ever received, giving Brent Muscat a Super Balls Award was a no-brainer. The guy deserved one after ...

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Idiots Of The Web, Volume 5


  IDIOTS OF THE WEB VOLUME 5! Going over to the Metal Edge bulletin board has been an inspiration for a few Idiots Of The Web posts, but this one takes the cake.  I pretty much think these posts speak ...

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3-Wind With The Blue Meanie, 8/4/03


  3-WIND WITH… The Blue Meanie We first did 20 Questions with The Blue Meanie back on December 7, 1999, when he was in the WWF.Then we did his Rewind on November 16, 2000, when he was in ECW.Now it’s ...

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  THE DONNAS EXPOSED! The Donnas as the Electrocutes, 1996 Earlier this week, The Donnas signed to Atlantic Records. So we thought we’d go back to before The Donnas were The Donnas. The Elecrocutes beating down some kids  We have ...

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