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20 Questions with Steven Sweet, 9/2/03


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Ex-Warrant Drummer Steven Sweet We’ve wanted to do 20 Questions with Steven Sweet, otherwise known as Steven Chamberlin, for quite a while now. Then on August 5th, this email appeared in our inbox: … Let’s have ...

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  THE EXIES EXPOSED! The Exies with their 2002 look The Exies with their year 2000 look The Exies are currently getting a pretty good buzz with their new CD and a video on MTV. Of course they have a ...

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Idiots Of The Web – Volume 6


 IDIOTS OF THE WEBVOLUME 6Warrant Street Team Emails I haven’t done an Idiots Of The Web since August 1999, so I thought I’d bring this back for you old schoolers.  This is basically where I find some shit on the ...

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Dear Dr. Rockett

Here’s what’s up: As you know, Metal Sludge had an advice column called the Metal Sludge Advisor. We answer emails and give out advice. But who wants to ask us shit? What do we know? We can hardly update the ...

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