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20 Questions with Adam Albright, 2/3/04


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Bach Tight 5 Guitarist Adam Albright (the bald guy) with a fan On January 21st, around 11:20 PM, we got this email sent to us. It’s from Sebastian Bach’s guitarist in Bach Tight 5. WHAT UP ...

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Sludge Scan Career Totals – January 2004

  I thought I’d do something different this time around and instead of doing weekly sales, I’m going to do overall Soundscan totals. Soundscan came out in mid-1991, around May 21, 1991. So this is total overall scans since MAY ...

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20 Questions with James A. Rota, II, 1/27/04


   20 QUESTIONS WITH… Fireball Ministry’s Singer Rev. James A. Rota, II  We tried to think of what we could write to introduce these 20 Questions with Fireball Ministry, but we’re lazy so we’ll just take what Sludgeaholic Iann Robinson ...

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  BUTCH WALKER &MARVELOUS 3 EXPOSED! Butch Walker, Jayce Fincher, Jesse Harte, and Mitch McGlee in Byte The Bullet Now anybody who regularly reads Metal Sludge knows that the Marvelous 3 were at one time Southgang. We’ve interviewed Butch twice ...

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