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  WEDNESDAY 13 EXPOSED! The God of goth & gloom looks more like an extra from Saved by the Bell. Wednesday 13 – Your friendly local paperboy Before he was in the Murderdolls, everybody’s favorite 80s hairband trivia buff Wednesday ...

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May Sweeps Mailbag For 5/6/04

  MAY SWEEPS MAILBAG! whooooooooooo! It’s May Sweeps, which means not only the end of Friends, but a new mailbag from Metal Sludge! I feel bad for the cast of Friends since by me putting up this mailbag, it’ll overshadow ...

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  FIREHOUSE EXPOSED Maxx Warrior – 1985Scott Atkins (Athena Lee’s Ex-Husband), Al Eddins, Carl Snare, Bill Dorey, and Perry Richardson Before they were in Firehouse, C.J. Snare and Perry Richardson were in the band Maxx Warrior. Talk about a band ...

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20 Questions With Ricky Parent, 5/1/01


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Enuff Z’Nuff Drummer Ricky Parent Jim Bob Dwarf has done it again! After doing two Rewinds, one with Chip Z’Nuff and one with Donnie Vie, he has now gotten Ricky Parent to do 20 Questions. He’s ...

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