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  RONNIE JAMES DIO EXPOSED! This is more scary than anything Dio has ever sung about! Now this is what Exposed is all about! These photos are from the last 50′s/early 60′s of Ronnie James Dio in his band called ...

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20 Questions with Dennis Duncan, 4/29/03


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Ex-Sister Whiskey Singer Dennis Duncan Recently, Donna Anderson got an email from Dennis Duncan, who used to be the singer for Sister Whiskey and went on to a band called the Diner Junkies. Dennis said he ...

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  MARQ TORIEN EXPOSED! The welder’s glove on one hand is a nice touch!Maybe he thought he was the glam Michael Jackson BulletBoy Marq Torien has always acted a bit fruity on stage, and these pictures certainly don’t help him ...

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20 Questions with Joey Jordison, 4/22/03


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Slipknot drummer and Murderdolls Guitarist Joey Jordison We have to thank our loyal Sludgeaholic Wednesday 13 from the Murderdolls for hooking us up with Joey for these 20 Questions! Enjoy! 1. What are you currently up ...

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Rikki Rockett & Joey Allen, 4/16/03


  DUAL SUPER BALLS AWARDS!   Last week, Rikki Rockett and Joey Allen exchanged emails on our page to the entertainment of the Sludgeaholics everywhere. A lot of people would try to keep their disagreements private, but these two took ...

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20 Questions with Steve Brown, 4/15/03


    20 QUESTIONS WITH… 40 Ft. Ringo and Ex-Trixter Guitarist Steve Brown   This week we finally have Steve Brown, formerly of Trixter! We did 20 Questions in the past with singer Pete Loran and bass player P.J. Farley, ...

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