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  BILLY SHEEHAN EXPOSED! Nice fucking boots, Gene Sheehan! That pic above is none other than Talas/David Lee Roth/Mr. Big bassist Billy Sheehan from way back in 1977. Is it just us, or does Billy bear a striking resemblence to ...

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Rewind With Marty O’Brien, 7/24/03


REWIND WITH… Tommy Lee’s bass player Marty O’Brien We first did 20 Questions with Marty back on May 15, 2001. Recently we heard that Marty was down for a Rewind so we sent off these questions and here they are! ...

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20 Questions with Danny Vaughn, 7/15/03


    20 QUESTIONS WITH… Ex-Tyketto Singer Danny Vaughn   Just the other day, Jani Bon Neil was checking his emails and received this: Hey, My name is Danny Vaughn and, if you really stretch your burnt out memory cells ...

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  DISTURBED EXPOSED! Loudmouth’s John Sullivan on the bottom left and Disturbed guitar player Dan Donegan on the bottom right This is from 1990 We don’t have all of Disturbed Exposed, but we have some the band. Back in Chicago ...

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Sludge Scans For July 2003

  Hey, I’m Lita Love, and here are some of the latest Sludge Scans, or as they say in the business, Sound Scans.  Sound Scan only started in 1991, so some of these releases are only counting sales from 1991 ...

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