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20 Questions with Andrew Elt, 2/10/04


   20 QUESTIONS WITH Sleeze Beez singer Andrew Elt   This week we’re talking to somebody who actually put in some effort to his answers and can properly spell, and he’s not even American! It’s Andrew Elt from Sleeze Beez. ...

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Mailbag For February, 2/8/04

  A FEBRUARY MAILBAG FOR….UH, FEBRUARY! whoooooooooooo! It’s been a while since I put up a half-assed mailbag and I thought I’d share some of the lastest emails we’ve gotten. The first one is from recent 20 Questions victim Michael ...

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Sludge Scan Career Totals – January 2004

  I thought I’d do something different this time around and instead of doing weekly sales, I’m going to do overall Soundscan totals. Soundscan came out in mid-1991, around May 21, 1991. So this is total overall scans since MAY ...

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