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20 Questions with Billy McCarthy, 8/17/04


  20 QUESTIONS WITH…Former D’Molls drummer Billy McCarthy! Anyone remember a band called D’Molls? They were one of many, many bands who played the Sunset Strip back in the mid-80s, and one that was fortunate enough to get signed to ...

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Mailbag 2 for August, 8/15/04

A SUNDAY EVENING MAILBAG FOR 8/15/04 With your host, bastard boy floyd Whoooooooooooooooo! Welcome to yet another bundle of joy, the Metal Sludge Mailbag. We did one of these a little more than a week ago, and we’re still getting ...

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Blackie Lawless cancels gigs! 8/15/04

  BLACKIE LAWLESS CANCELS GIG AFTER GIG! In that pic above, it sort of looks like Blackie Lawless is about to start working a broomstick into his rectal cavity. We know of a few thousand people that might like to ...

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Rumors and Gossip for 8/14/04

  RUMORS & GOSSIP FOR 8/14/04 Jani Bon Neil bastard boy floyd The other day on the boards, someone called us "FrankenSludge." All we’ve got to say to that is: Mwwaahahahahhaaaahahahha!!!! HAAAHAAAHAAHAAHHA!!!! HA-HA-HAAHAHAHAH!!!! Ha! That’s pretty funny! Now go swallow ...

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