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20 Questions With Michael Angelo, 2/25/03


   20 QUESTIONS WITH… Nitro Guitarist Michael Angelo   We tracked down Nitro guitarist Michael Angelo about doing 20 Questions and he wrote back saying, "I am a big fan of your website. Let’s do it." Michael is known as ...

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Sludge Scans For February 2003

  As Of February 17, 2003 Audioslave 682,187 Black Label Society "1918 Eternal" 63,150 Bon Jovi "Crush" 1,918,968 Bon Jovi "One Wild Night Live" 427,354 Bon Jovi "Bounce" 528,761 Jon Bon Jovi "Destination Anywhere" 205,876 Bowling For Soup "Drunk Enough ...

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  LIMP BIZKIT EXPOSED! Fred Durst’s High School Yearbook Photo Here’s some High School photos of the band everyone loves to hate, and with good reason. Wes Borland’s High School Yearbook Photo Sam Rivers’ High School Yearbook Photo John Otto’s ...

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