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Idiots Of The Web – Volume 9


  IDIOTS OF THE WEBVolume 9 Just when you think you’ve read all the stupid shit there is to read on the web, something else comes along and makes you go, "What the fuck was that? There’s no way somebody ...

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End Of The Year Mailbag, 12/30/03

  END OF THE YEAR MAILBAG whoooooooo! It’s the end of the year and I thought I’d put together some of the more recent emails we’ve received. Starting with our first email from Iraq! Hey Metal Sludge, I’m a Medical ...

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20 Questions with Stevo 32, 12/2/03


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Sum 41′s Drummer Stevo 32 Being that Sum 41 guitarist Dave Brownsound is a Sludgeaholic and even ordered a shirt from us, we hit him up to see if any other member of Sum 41 would ...

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Sludge Scans For December 2003

  As Of December 1, 2003 Andrew W.K. "I Get Wet" 208,959 Andrew W.K. "The Wolf" 36,098 Anthrax "We’ve Come For You All" 47,306 Bon Jovi "This Left Feels Right" 119,394 Alice Cooper "The Eyes Of Alice Cooper" 17,256 The ...

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