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Blackie Lawless cancels gigs! 8/15/04

  BLACKIE LAWLESS CANCELS GIG AFTER GIG! In that pic above, it sort of looks like Blackie Lawless is about to start working a broomstick into his rectal cavity. We know of a few thousand people that might like to ...

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Mailbag 2 for August, 8/15/04

A SUNDAY EVENING MAILBAG FOR 8/15/04 With your host, bastard boy floyd Whoooooooooooooooo! Welcome to yet another bundle of joy, the Metal Sludge Mailbag. We did one of these a little more than a week ago, and we’re still getting ...

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Rumors and Gossip for 8/14/04

  RUMORS & GOSSIP FOR 8/14/04 Jani Bon Neil bastard boy floyd The other day on the boards, someone called us "FrankenSludge." All we’ve got to say to that is: Mwwaahahahahhaaaahahahha!!!! HAAAHAAAHAAHAAHHA!!!! HA-HA-HAAHAHAHAH!!!! Ha! That’s pretty funny! Now go swallow ...

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  POISON EXPOSED!Updated 8/9/04: CC DeVille! Rikki & Bret in Spectres in the early 80s. Nice balloons. Everybody knows about Poison’s past glam days, so we really had to dig to find some stuff you probably haven’t seen. This is ...

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