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  POISON EXPOSED!Updated 8/9/04: CC DeVille! Rikki & Bret in Spectres in the early 80s. Nice balloons. Everybody knows about Poison’s past glam days, so we really had to dig to find some stuff you probably haven’t seen. This is ...

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  GUNS N’ ROSES EXPOSED! "Welcome to Gazzarri’s, it gets worse here everyday…" This is from Axl’s pre-Hollywood Rose band Rapidfire* playing at Gazzarri’s way back in 1983. They played songs with cool titles like "Ready to Rumble" and "All ...

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  ANTHRAX EXPOSED! Is it Firehouse? No way, it’s Anthrax back in 1982! Looks like Scottand Neil found themselves a 2-for-1 special on bullet belts. It’s Menudo! No, wait, it’s still Anthrax. Bon Jovi? Wrong again, numb-nuts. It’s Anthrax in ...

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Mailbag for August, 8/6/04

 HUGE ASS MAILBAG FOR 8/6/04 With your host, bastard boy floyd   Whoooooooooooooo! Welcome to my personal hell, the Metal Sludge Mailbag. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, and holy shit did we get a lot ...

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Sludge LA Tour Guide

 Updated 11/9: Birth place of Tenacious D Any tour of L.A. should start off with….. The Hollywood SignThe most famous location in Hollywood. Alice Cooper donated $28,000 for the "O" and Jizzy Pearl hung himself from the "Y" in 1994. ...

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Sludge Scans for August 2004

  As of August 4, 2004 Beastie Boys "To The 5 Boroughs" 791,857 Alice Cooper "The Eyes of Alice Cooper" 27,514 The Darkness "Permission to Land" 621,097 Dope "Group Therapy" 37,749 Evanescence "Fallen" 5,613,621 Finger Eleven "Finger Eleven" 302,789 Guns ...

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