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Pauly Shore is Dead!

  PAULY SHORE IS FUCKIN’ DEAD! How could we pass this up? We couldn’t, so someone help Pauly Shore out and give him some mouth to mouth now. When he comes to, tell him he owes us a 20 fuckin’ ...

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Metal Sludge Extravaganza 9 Recap


  METAL SLUDGE EXTRAVAGANZA 9 RECAP What can we say, other than it was YOU, the Sludgeaholics and Sludgettes, that made our Metal Sludge Extravaganza 9 a HUGE success! We had a massive attendance and it seems as if everyone ...

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A Dirty Dictionary Full of Filth!

  A Dirty Dictionary Full of Filth! Since a large portion of the Metal Sludge following is sick and twisted, we felt it neccessary to share this horrific compilation of smut with you. It was recently brought to our attention ...

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