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  INCUBUS EXPOSED!Incubus singer Brandon Boyd with Best Hair from his High School yearbook Like most short hair rockers today, Incubus singer Brandon Boyd was once a longhair. These photos from his High School yearbook show Brandon showing off his ...

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Metal Skool changes name to Warrant?

  METAL SKOOL CHANGES NAME TO WARRANT?Jerry Dixon admires Satchel ‘s star quality while Steven "Sticky" Sweet plays along under his armpit![ Photo by Tracyg ] Well, not really, but these days, most of the 80s bands that release product ...

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20 Questions with Billy Childs, 9/28/04


  20 QUESTIONS WITH…Britny Fox bass player BILLY CHILDS! In all of Metal Sludge’s history, we have never done 20 Questions with a member of Britny Fox! Oh, wait, we take that back. We did in fact do 20 Questions ...

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