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  AN OKTOBERFEST MAILBAG FOR 10/15/04With your host, bastard boy floyd! Whoooooooooooooooooooo! Welcome yet again to my personal hell, the Metal Sludge Mailbag. Just at a time when I should be out drinking giant mugs of beer and doing the ...

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20 Questions with Matt Mercado, 10/12/04


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Supermercado / former Mind Bomb singer MATT MERCADO Right now you’re probably sitting there asking yourself, "just who in the fuck is Matt Mercado?" That’s actually a very good question. Well, today’s your lucky day, Skippy, ...

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Frequently Asked Stupid Questions

FREQUENTLY ASKED STUPID QUESTIONS Updated, 3/5/03 We get emailed and asked all sorts of stupid ass questions every week.  So we thought we’d finally put together some of our most Frequently Asked Stupid Questions and present it to the Sludge ...

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