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LIFE SEX & DEATH “Silent Majority” (1992)

  LIFE SEX & DEATH "Silent Majority" (1992) by Jani Bon Neil Before Slipknot’s masks, Mudvayne’s makeup, and Marilyn Manson, there was Stanley. He was the lead singer for Life, Sex, & Death and his gimmick was that he was ...

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KINGOFTHEHILL “Kingofthehill” (1991)

  KINGOFTHEHILL "Kingofthehill" (1991) by bastard boy floyd Cover: 4 Party’s In Your Pocket out of 10. This is a lame cover because it’s just of the band. It’s boring. It just says Kingofthehill and there is a picture of ...

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KILLER DWARFS “Big Deal” (1988)

  KILLER DWARFS "Big Deal" (1988) by Jim-Bob Dwarf Cover: 4 Tricycles out of 10. What the fuck?! It’s a photo of Russ Dwarf crawling around on the floor. The original cover concept showed the band around a table signing ...

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  HEAVY PETTIN "LETTIN LOOSE" (1983) by bastard boy floyd Cover: 2 Gropes out of 10 It’s a set of window blinds being held open by someone’s hands. Gay. Booklet: 2 Feel-Ups out of 10 This booklet did nothing to ...

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DIRTY LOOKS “Cool From The Wire” (1988)

  DIRTY LOOKS "Cool From The Wire" (1988) by Dana Brittingham Cover: 3 Nasty Stares out of 10 Hum? Well, it’s a duotone closeup of the singer’s face. It looks like he put his face on a photocopier and then ...

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  BULLETBOYS "FREAKSHOW" (1991) by Jani Bon Neil Cover: 8 Bitter Singers out of 10 The cover is a painting of a variety of different people. A freakshow. Get it? Booklet: Limited Edition Packaging = 10 The limited edition packaging ...

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