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GORKY PARK “S/T” (1989)

  GORKY PARK "S/T" (1989) by Dana Brittingham Cover: 9 Cosmonauts out of 10 Practically a stroke of marketing genius, there’s no way to mistake this cover as anything but that of "that 80′s Russian hard rock band." It looks ...

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JODI BONGIOVI “Jodi Bongiovi” (1989)

  JODI BONGIOVI "Jodi Bongiovi" (1989) by Dana Brittingham Cover: 2 Mallrats out of 10. It’s an airbrushed picture of Jodi Bongiovi, wearing a fringey-leather jacket with her hands up in the air, like she’s getting arrested for underage drinking ...

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HARDLINE – “Double Eclipse” (1992)

  HARDLINE – "Double Eclipse" (1992) by Dana Brittingham Cover: 3 Separate Ways out of 10 I don’t know what the hell this is. What does it mean? It’s orange, purple, and blurry. Kind of like what you’d see if ...

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20 Questions with Bobby Borg, 9/30/03


20 QUESTIONS WITH… Ex-Warrant Drummer Bobby Borg In our quest to do 20 Questions with every Warrant drummer, this week we’re hitting up Bobby Borg! Bobby recorded two albums and played on several tours as the drummer with Warrant between ...

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