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Rotten Roundup for January 2005, 1/31/05

  METAL SLUDGE’S ROTTEN ROUNDUP! Welcome to Metal Sludge’s Rotten Roundup, an old feature we’re resurrecting from the dead. We did this a few times about 6 years ago, but then we quit for some reason. Anyhow, we’re doing it ...

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SludgeWire Idol Round 2 – 1/28/05

  SLUDGEWIRE FOR 1/28/05 The polls are over and round one of SludgeWire Idol is complete! (For the SludgeWire Idol introduction, click here.) So enough hullabaloo; here’s the results of last week’s voting: SludgeWire Idol – Round One Total votes ...

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Spend the night with C.C. Banana! 1/26/05


  SPEND THE NIGHT WITH C.C. BANANA! and some guy named Craig Gass too By now, everyone knows who C.C. Banana is. Last year, the Sludgeaholics elected him as our 2003 Sludgeaholic of the Year. More recently, he was voted ...

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  SLUDGEWIRE IDOL DEBUTS! We always seem to have the lofty goal of doing a new SludgeWire every week. You know what SludgeWires are, right? That’s where we post all the latest news from the world of hard rock and ...

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