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FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH EXPOSED! "Hi everyone, I’m ready for my solo." Former W.A.S.P. guitars and current Five Finger Death Punch axeman Darrell Roberts was once known for hairspray, lipstick, and big goofy glasses! Ready to Fuck Like A Glam ...

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Back-4-More with Donnie Vie, 12/17/03

   BACK-4-MORE WITH… Donnie Vie   We’ve done 20 Questions, we’ve done Rewinds, and we’ve done 3-Winds. So when it came time to interview somebody for the 4th time with Metal Sludge, we needed a name for it. We originally ...

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3-Wind with Chip Z’Nuff, 12/9/03


  3-WIND WITH… Enuff Z’Nuff’s Chip Z’Nuff We first talked to Chip Z’Nuff on June 15, 1999. We followed that up with a Rewind with Chip on February 22, 2001. Now it’s December 9, 2003, and here we are with ...

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  ZAKK WYLDE EXPOSED! Zakk before he became Captain Caveman This is from 1985 Before Zakk Wylde looked like Grizzly Adams, said fuck and pussy every other word, and wanted to beat everybody’s ass, he was a fresh face kid ...

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End Of The Year Mailbag, 12/30/03

  END OF THE YEAR MAILBAG whoooooooo! It’s the end of the year and I thought I’d put together some of the more recent emails we’ve received. Starting with our first email from Iraq! Hey Metal Sludge, I’m a Medical ...

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Idiots Of The Web – Volume 9


  IDIOTS OF THE WEBVolume 9 Just when you think you’ve read all the stupid shit there is to read on the web, something else comes along and makes you go, "What the fuck was that? There’s no way somebody ...

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