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  MURDERDOLLS / DOPE EXPOSED! Virus, from Dope, looking like he’s straight out of an ad for the Metal Method guitar series Since Dope and Murderdolls have shared members a few times, we thought we’d just lump them both together. ...

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Sludge Scans for November 2004

  As of November 3, 2004 AC/DC “High Voltage” (Remastered) 185,897 AC/DC “Highway to Hell” (Remastered) 224,282 Alter Bridge “One Day Remains” 291,490 Bowling For Soup “A Hangover You Don’t Deserve” 99,135 Cake “Pressure Chief” 91,478 Chevelle “This Type Of ...

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20 Questions with A. Product, 11/2/04


  20 QUESTIONS WITH…Rock ‘n’ Roll Party presidential candidate A. PRODUCT! A few weeks ago, we posted a SludgeWire in which we commented on a rather bizarre press release we got. It was something about AntiProduct frontman A. Product running ...

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