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  SLUDGEWIRE IDOL DEBUTS! We always seem to have the lofty goal of doing a new SludgeWire every week. You know what SludgeWires are, right? That’s where we post all the latest news from the world of hard rock and ...

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SludgeWire Idol Round I – 1/19/05

  SLUDGEWIRE FOR 1/19/05 Joining us today for round one of SludgeWire Idol are Baz Von Poley (BVP), Clifford "Junior" Newsted (CJN), Doro Jett (DJ), Jet Boy George (JBG), Josie Hilton (JH), and Lord Satyr Filth (LSF). These contributors are ...

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20 Questions with Punky Mendoza, 1/18/05

Heavy Pettin

  20 QUESTIONS WITH…ex-Heavy Pettin guitarist PUNKY MENDOZA! Punky Mendoza is a man who needs no introduction! Alright, we’re full of shit. Truth be told, we had no idea who the fuck Punky Mendoza was either, but we heard he ...

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  SR-71 EXPOSED! SR-71 as Honor Among Thieves Before they were SR-71 and looked like a boy band, they were a bunch of longhairs called Honor Among Thieves in the Baltimore area. Singer Mitch Allen back in the day with ...

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Ask The Stars Vol 1-12

Ask The Stars #12, January 14, 2005 with Quiet Riot’s Frankie Banali & February 2004 Sludgette of the Month Jen Hilton!Frankie Banali has been a fan and friend of Metal Sludge almost as long as he’s been the drummer for ...

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