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20 Questions with Sean Kelly, 2/1/05


  20 QUESTIONS WITH…Crash Kelly singer/guitarist SEAN KELLY! This is the first time someone’s actually graduated from doing 10 Questions with us to doing a full-fledged 20 Questions! We first talked to Crash Kelly’s frontman Sean Kelly back when they ...

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Rotten Roundup for January 2005, 1/31/05

  METAL SLUDGE’S ROTTEN ROUNDUP! Welcome to Metal Sludge’s Rotten Roundup, an old feature we’re resurrecting from the dead. We did this a few times about 6 years ago, but then we quit for some reason. Anyhow, we’re doing it ...

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SludgeWire Idol Round 2 – 1/28/05

  SLUDGEWIRE FOR 1/28/05 The polls are over and round one of SludgeWire Idol is complete! (For the SludgeWire Idol introduction, click here.) So enough hullabaloo; here’s the results of last week’s voting: SludgeWire Idol – Round One Total votes ...

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