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20 Questions With Billy Morris, 5/22/01


  20 QUESTIONS WITH…. Warrant Guitarist Billy Morris In honor of the Glam, Slam, Metal, Jam starting this weekend, we thought we’d do 20 Questions with Warrant guitarist Billy Morris. Billy’s been a fan of Metal Sludge back when he ...

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May Sweeps Mailbag For 5/6/04

  MAY SWEEPS MAILBAG! whooooooooooo! It’s May Sweeps, which means not only the end of Friends, but a new mailbag from Metal Sludge! I feel bad for the cast of Friends since by me putting up this mailbag, it’ll overshadow ...

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  WEDNESDAY 13 EXPOSED! The God of goth & gloom looks more like an extra from Saved by the Bell. Wednesday 13 – Your friendly local paperboy Before he was in the Murderdolls, everybody’s favorite 80s hairband trivia buff Wednesday ...

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  FIREHOUSE EXPOSED Maxx Warrior – 1985Scott Atkins (Athena Lee’s Ex-Husband), Al Eddins, Carl Snare, Bill Dorey, and Perry Richardson Before they were in Firehouse, C.J. Snare and Perry Richardson were in the band Maxx Warrior. Talk about a band ...

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