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Captures for October 2004


  CAPTURES FOR OCTOBER! A rare capture with a few Sludgettes and myself, bastard boy floyd! Whoooooooooooooooooo! Time once again to update our Sludge Captures gallery! And if you don’t know what Sludge Captures are, well, today’s your lucky day ...

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BIG BANG BABIES “Black Market” (1994)

  BIG BANG BABIES "Black Market" (1994) by Josie Hilton Cover: 8 Arms out of 10 It’s a close up shot of Keri Kelli in black and white, which ingeniously follows the theme of Keri’s two-toned hair. Keri’s left eye ...

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BONFIRE “Fireworks” (1988)

  BONFIRE "Fireworks" (1988) By Dana Brittingham Cover: 3 Biersteins out of 10. It’s no mystery what kind of music this is: they’re a hair band. The cover shows all four Bonfire guys, making some seriously uninspired poseur-faces. One guy ...

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