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George Lynch at an ATM in Santa Barbara

SLUDGE SIGHTINGS If you look through any of the celebrity magazines, like US Weekly, People, or even the tabloids, you’ll generally see celebrity sightings, like "Cameron Diaz was seen bowling at the White Trash Bowling Alley" or "Carson Daly was ...

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White Lion Tour Diary – Entry #4, 5/25/05

  By troypatrickfarrell Episode 4 Ok, is this for real?…a tour diary of a tour that even I’ve forgotten about!…Why am I writing this?..if you know..please fucking tell me…is it fear of not completing yet another task in my life, ...

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Dungeon of Filth #1, 5/23/05

The Dungeon of Filth

  METAL SLUDGE PRESENTS…by Lord Satyr Filth Hails you fucking sinners, it is time to take note of the new arrival, Lord Satyr Filth! The suckers here at Metal Sludge have foolishly allowed me to have my own column to ...

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