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GEOFF TATE claims he’s the ‘WINNER’ in the QUEENSRYCHE saga



GEOFF TATE claims he’s the ‘WINNER’ in the QUEENSRYCHE saga


Classic Rock — Geoff Tate says he is the winner in the long-running Queensryche saga.

The former Queensryche frontman and his ex bandmates finally reached a legal settlement in April of this year which will see Tate relinquish all rights to the name.

He was sacked from the band in 2012, but formed his own line-up of Queensryche while his former friends hired Todd La Torre as singer and also continued using the name.

In April, it was agreed that La Torre and co will continue as Queensryche while Tate decided to perform under the name Operation: Mindcrime – named after the Queensryche concept albums.

Now Tate claims he is the winner after the out-of-court settlement.

He tells San Antonio Metal Music Examiner: “I’m very happy. I’m extremely financially happy right now. They had to pay me, which is what they should have done all along. That’s exactly what the whole court case was about.

“So they finally agreed to pay me for my share of the name and the business. So here I am. I’m continuing on doing what I do and they can continue doing what they do, and we’ll all be happier.

“A lot of people are saying now that the other guys ‘won’ the name. Well, they didn’t win it. We never went to court. It was all an agreement on a settlement out of court. It was a financial arrangement. So it wasn’t like a ‘win-lose’ thing. In my opinion, I think I won.”

Operation: Mindcrime consists of Rudy Sarzo, Robert Sarzo, Simon Wright, Randy Gane and Kelly Gray. They’ll start recording new material in September.

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  • Hairmetalmusic.com

    Yet………the fans were the loser.

  • ElectricGypsy

    not according to the Q fans i know. they say La Torre does Tate better than Tate does Tate, and given the Q fans i know were fans before Mindcrime, their opinion is worth something to me. they’re not fans of the Q material during Tate’s final decade, so for them it’s a win-win. they get a better singer than Tate in his old age, and they get an emphasis on the early material and the material that made them a big draw, rather than having to suffer through the later catalog, as the La Torre band doesn’t touch it.

  • DC

    He’s the winner? Really? If you call a winner that uses violence against his former band mates. A WINNER DOES NOT insult his fans at a concert venue. Truth be known that his wife has pushed him thru our this whole process. Eventually the other band members of Operation Mindcrime will get tired of Susan Tate’s antics (i.e Rudy Suzro having to deal with Tawney Kitane’s interference in Whitesnake in 1990). Actually the winners are the fans. We get rid of GT’s Broadway and cabaret antics and get a lead singer that enjoys singing, loves the fans and enjoys singing metal music. It seems that GT’s career is heading down the path of Harry Conick Jr or Tony Bennett. Let’s listen to the QR that we love.

  • orbearider66

    EG … I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone outside of Tate’s immediate family that is a fan of anything he has put out during the last decade. The only fans he has left are the ones who remember him for what he was 30 years ago, not for how he has been for the last 20. He’s just a few years away from shows being like Tom Jones shows … just lots and lots of fat granny panties being thrown on stage.