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Faster Pussycat singer Taime Downe hospitalized near Houston Texas




Faster Pussycat singer Taime Downe hospitalized near Houston Texas.


Texas  — Faster Pussycat are having a rough week on tour. The band played Wisconsin over the weekend but their tour bus took a s??t and unfortunately the band was forced to cancel their Chicago show on Sunday nite.

Now the Hollywood based group are forced to cancel New Orleans after singer Taime Downe was admitted to a Houston area hospital. The singer has had an on-going tooth issue which has now reportedly worsened.

Friends of the singer saw his condition deteriorate so much so they forced him to go to the hospital. The tooth seems to be the least of his worries after Doctor’s took Downe’s blood pressure.

Metal Sludge reached out to drummer Chad Stewart who told us the following: “Taime’s in the hospital. He has an abscessed tooth with infection and his blood pressure is through the ceiling. The Doctor’s will not release him until his blood pressure goes down.”

Stewart continued: “The Doctor’s were very serious and won’t let him go. We are scared.”

Taime Downe is the founding Father and only remaining original member of the group. The 49 year old singer will be 50 in September.

The singer has posted several messages on instagram this week. We have screen capped all below.


Metal Sludge wishes Taime a huge get well soon and a shout out to the guys for carrying the rock torch.

Support Faster Pussycat. They’re out on the road slugging away, broken bus, broken tooth and now blood pressure at a critical level.  Go see the band on the road, dates listed below and make sure to buy a shirt, a CD or both.

Lastly, they didn’t ask for this in anyway. We did this on our own. Metal Sludge is down to support the cause when it’s in the name of rock n’ roll. We asked for a pay pal and sent them some gas money. We’re not into kickstarters or bands begging for money, but when a brother is down, you lend a hand.

If you’re in the mood, send Faster Pussycat some gas money and help them make this shitty week a little better.

Pay Pal is  [email protected]




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  • Pamela D. Crockett

    sending some happiness and support their way by paypal…Love my guys.

  • Bryan Walsh

    Wishing Taime the best, but I’m surprised it took this long. Saw him at Rocklahoma a few years ago and he looked like he had one foot in the grave then. Hope you have a fast recovery.

  • Hairmetalmusic.com

    Bummer, these guys are a hard working band. Hope he gets this taken care of. And like Bryan said. Not our place to judge other adults appearance/health, but from videos I’ve seen, Taime really needs to start thinking about his health a bit more. Dude has hundreds of thousands of fans who want to see him live a long and healthy life.

  • Mickmars

    Taime is a year younger than me. I have no idea how he’s burned the candle at both ends for this long and gotten away with it! The guys a medical marvel ala Ozzy. Hope you recover quickly and can keep at it for many more years bud. m/

  • El Atomico

    Get well soon, Taime!