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Jack Blades, Doug Aldrich & Deen Castronovo in studio recording album now for new super group




Jack Blades, Doug Aldrich & Deen Castronovo in studio recording album


Melodic Rock   – Just what is Deen Castronovo (Journey, Ozzy Osbourne, Bad English, Hardline), Jack Blades (Night Ranger, Damn Yankees, Shaw/Blades) and Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake/David Coverdale, Ronnie James Dio, Burning Rain) doing pictured together?

More than just striking a pose – the trio is in the studio right now recording an album under a new band name with producer Alessandro Del Vecchio at the helm!Thanks for this project can go to Frontiers Records CEO Serafino, who is passionately describing this as “his baby!”There is a band name (that will be announced soon) and the album will be released in 2015.

Deen Catronovo will handle lead vocals, drums; Jack Blades bass and vocals and Doug Aldrich all guitars.

Frontiers posted one picture this week on Facebook (seen at top), but below that are a couple of exclusive extras – the first from Jack and the second from Alessandro.

Stay tuned!


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  • ElectricGypsy

    That’s what the world is missing, a “super group” composed of aging rockers. What an original idea. I think more rockers in their 50s should get together and cut an album. I bet Rikki Rockett would be interested. Maybe he could team up with Stacey Blades.

  • John Q. Public

    Maybe you would prefer a super group of boy band singers?

  • ElectricGypsy

    nope, not at all. but perhaps you would.

    give it time, a few of them will be desperate enough to form some sort of group. we’ve already seen the new kids tour with one of their next-gen brethren, and i have seen recent ads locally for some sort of solo tour featuring dudes from two different boy bands. (i think that’s how it works, you probably would know better than me.)

    i think you’re onto something. when the nostalgia of boy band comeback tours wears off, there will be see some sort of mashup of the bands.

  • Jimmy Birmingham

    seems to be a new trend..I’ve heard of 5 ‘super groups’ in the past month.*
    yawn*..the only one that sounds promising is the Michael Sweet/George Lynch collaboration.

  • Hairmetalmusic.com

    Super Group is a term that shouldn’t be used so frequently, it’s getting ridiculous. With that said……..this is one band I will definitely check out. Deen is a top notch drummer and has an amazing voice. Blades and Aldrich are both great. I’m excited to hear what they come up with. Deen is a really great singer.

  • VegasSnake

    Considering the songwriting, playing, and singing chops here, I bet this ends up being great.

  • Andrew Paul

    Serafino’s “baby”, that does not bode well for company interference….