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Kristy Majors says; “I didn’t steal anyones songs!” Here is part two of Metal Sludge’s exclusive expose on the “Biggest piece of shit in Rock”



Kristy Majors lashes out at Thrill Kills member and former Murderdolls drummer Ben Graves
Here is part two of Metal Sludge’s exclusive expose on the “Biggest piece of shit in Rock”
By Stevie Rachelle

Metal Sludge CEO


Kristy Majors can dish it out, but he just can’t take it.

For years the Pretty Boy Floyd guitarist and owner/agent at Artists Worldwide booking agency has been a bully, attacking founding Pretty Boy Floyd singer Steve Summers two years back in a heavily publicized series of rants in addition to publicly lashing out against others like rival booking agents, bands and/or members who have since parted ways with his companies. Now former Swingin’ Thing/Suckerpunch singer Paul Worden (also known as Paul E. Bardot) has proven to the world that Majors’ seemingly ripped off songs from Suckerpunch’s 1996 album on 510 Records through MCA and claiming them as his own in a new “band” (and we use the term lightly) called the Thrill Kills.

Instead of being contrite and apologetic, Majors is threatening lawsuits, including making a new enemy out of Metal Sludge (with whom the transplanted New Yorker has generally had a long and fairly positive relationship with). We did a June 2012 feature story on the glam guitarist which can be found HERE. And Majors was one of the first to jump on the Metal Sludge band wagon in our hey-day doing our infamous 20 questions way back in August of 1999. Find that interview HERE.

Sure Metal Sludge has taken some shots at the glam slam douchebags of dysfunction. But what can one expect. It’s not very often that we get an email saying; “The driver then stole our equipment and drove the bus to another state after having a complete meltdown. He left the bus there, and then flew home. We finally got our equipment back and a new bus with the help of the Police, FBI and some gangster muscle.”  That email came from Kristy Majors himself back on July 3rd 2012, read it HERE.

Ask yourself, can it get any more crazy on the road?

Answer, yes it can.

Only 10 days later, on July 12th 2012 Majors tweeted the following: “My $4,000 custom pedal board was willfully & knowingly stolen from the tour bus this morning with several witnesses and there is an arrest warrant out for Steven podwal aka Steve summers for grand theft . If you see him selling it on eBay or Craigslist please let me know.” Read about that incident right HERE.

Huh? An arrest warrant out for Steve “Sex” Summers over a pedal board?  Yes folks, you read that right.

Truth is Pretty Boy Floyd has been talked about plenty on Metal Sludge. The band and its related members have continued to draw fans, flies and foes. But that is what happens in life. Especially with rock bands on the road, on the internet and well beyond.

But you deal with it.  Man up. Don’t be a fucking pussy. Own it. Take your lumps as you dish them yourself.

Now with the latest “Hey listen to my new songs” nonsense, it appears Majors has really painted himself into a corner. Nail polish and all.

The interesting part now is just about everyone is turning against Majors these days in the court of public opinion instead of supporting him — to such an extent, it should be pointed out, that Majors had done a run-and-hide in the form of canceling his Facebook and twitter accounts.

We even screen captured the meltdown about him leaving the internet and quitting all of his social networks.

We also screen captured his return less than 48 hours (to rock) later.

Majors briefly claimed in a tweet that he had made a deal with Suckerpunch guitarist for the rights to their songs, though Majors has yet to explain why he lied in claiming that he wrote the songs himself.

Not once, not twice but multiple times. In both written and audio interviews. All noted below.

If you want some proof to bring you up to date, check our first Sludge story HERE. In the meantime, others are ganging against Majors, who is losing credibility by the minute.

This is the same guy who claims to have started a band (Pretty Boy Floyd) that in truth was formed in Los Angeles years before he even stepped foot onto California soil. Now Majors claims full control and ownership of all things related to the brand.

He should think of renaming it Pretty Boy Destroyed. It would be more fitting.

And just to be clear, Metal Sludge has dished out A LOT over the years. But we stand behind it.

ALL of it. And own all of it.

This includes anyone who wants to throw some fire at me – yeah me – the headband wearing wanna be Poison clone.

I dish it out! But I can also take it and know when to own it the same.

Here is what’s happening lately:

>>>  Majors has tweeted and facebooked several comments, all of which we have quoted (typos included) and screen captured below. These have since been deleted from Majors’ related social networking accounts.

“I didn’t steal anyones songs. Tim mosher and I are the masterminds of this project. Ask him yourself. All you unknowledgeable idiots.”
Kristy Majors – Twitter 8.14.2014 (2:18AM PST)

For the record, It appears that Majors indeed may have struck a deal with Mosher. Mosher was the guitarist in Suckerpunch. In checking records it also appears that Mosher was in fact a writer, or co-writer on all of the Suckerpunch music that was released back in 1996.

Metal Sludge has reached out to Mosher to no avail.


>>>  Thrill Kills drummer Ben Graves has officially made a public statement you can read on his facebook HERE.

Basically, Graves, a member of the original Murderdolls that featured Wednesday 13 and ex Slipknot member Joey Jordison, said: “In light of the recent controversy regarding Kristy Majors new album ‘The Thrill Kills’. I feel that I need to make ppl aware of the fact that I.. along w the rest of the band, were simply ‘hired’ to appear in his music video & do a Viper Room show back in June.” (see full statement in screen cap below).

Majors was quick to reply and call Graves out on his statement saying, “Credibility? Reputation? Seriously? Next time don’t beg me for money to to pay your bills and then stick a knife in my back!!!!”  (see screen cap below)

An inside source has alleged that Graves will no longer take part in anything related going forward with the Thrill Kills.



>>> Majors’ tries bully tactics on Rock N’ Skull promoter.

Rock N’ Skull promoter Justin Murr informed Metal Sludge that he was faced with drama earlier in the week when Majors contacted him direct and threatened to pull himself off the November festival if Tuff was not removed from the event.

KKM_Image_Aug_7_2014_8A direct quote from Murr: “Kristy Majors had informed me that he will not perform on a bill with Stevie Rachelle, and that if Tuff was not removed from the Rock N’ Skull line-up, then he would not appear.”

The ironic part of this is that Tuff actually is slotted to play Saturday November 15th and Pretty Boy Floyd along with Phil Lewis featuring Kristy Majors are both slotted to play on Sunday November 16th.

We’re not sure how bands playing on different days could affect each other in anyway. In addition, both bands have been advertised extensively for weeks and months with no issue up until this week.

It should also be noted that Artists World Wide has several other artists on Rock N’ Skull – all slotted to appear on Sunday, none on Saturday.

I will confirm that Majors sent me this same threat saying he was going to contact Rock N’ Skull and it was either Tuff, or the new Pretty Boy Floyd & Phil Lewis with Kristy Majors. Funny how Majors uses his artists and agency as ammunition against the very promoters that book them.

Speaking of Rock N’ Skull, tix are right HERE.

My phone conversation with Kristy Majors and his Legal Zoom legal threats in my e-mail.

Yes, this is fact. Kristy Majors started harassing me last Sunday with an immediate response to our story with a Legal Zoom related e-mail, there was an attachment with a certificate number. I guess this was his receipt.

KKM_Image_Aug_7_2014_99Majors also informed me that he was going to (and did) send me invoices for images on Metal Sludge that he claims he is the copyright owner of. He says, if he didn’t give us permission to use them, then I am in violation of his rights and its copyright infringement. He went on to inform me that if we use his images, we have to pay. His fee is $ 100.00 per image, per week starting August 3rd 2014. He claims to have found 25 images. He also informed me that if I don’t pay the invoices (which he did send) he would then send them to a collection agency.

I found this odd, as some of the images are publicity stills from MCA Records dating back to 1989. How he owns these is beyond me.  The legal threats continued throughout Monday and Tuesday of this week.

Pbf-web-banner-150x250Additional lawsuits were threatened by Majors on facebook the night of August 5th  (see this HERE)  and by email about a DVD project Tuff and Steve Summers of Pretty Boy Floyd appear on.  This project was filmed, edited, produced and manufactured in Sao Paulo Brazil. I informed Majors that I have a contract – that both myself and Steve Summers (Pretty Boy Floyd) signed from May of 2006 to prove it.

Majors verbally told me on the phone that he would have >insert lawyer name here< sue me. I will kindly rescind their name from this posting as if to not cause them embarrassment.

For the record, I told Majors simply; “Do what you gotta do.”

And since we’re getting sued, please buy the latest Metal Sludge t-shirt right HERE.  In other words, please help us to fight legal zoom, support the Sludge.

While we’re on the subject of my phone call with Kristy Majors. I will state here, Majors told me point blank, “You don’t know anything about my deal with Tim Mosher. If you want to investigate this, you can contact Tim Mosher about this if you want. Tim Mosher is the writer of all those songs. And I have a deal strictly worked out with Tim Mosher. We are working together on Thrill Kills together. Not just for this record, but for many other records to come down the road. And that’s it. That’s just the bottom line. And Tim Mosher is getting paid his publishing money. And he actually got paid in advance.”

  Brian Rademacher, a respected career journalist, wrote and published the Rockeyez.com story (check HERE) that caused Bardot to first reveal Majors to be a “liar and a thief,” as Bardot put it on his facebook (check HERE).

Now, Instead of sticking up for Majors, Rademacher has done a double take, and in an exclusive statement for Metal Sludge, here is what Rademacher now says: “Photographing Pretty Boy Floyd back in the 80’s was a dream come true, since I was a fan, and as a staff photographer for Metal Forces Magazine I was sent on assignment. I stayed with Metal Forces magazine for many years and started shooting for Hit Parader and other US rags. In 1994 I decide to start my own webzine called RockEyez with a small staff doing interviews, Concert reviews, CD reviews, and stories.

“Recently I got an e-mail from Deborah@ Spinner PR with a press release about a new band featuring Kristy Majors Formerly of Pretty Boy Floyd called KRISTY MAJORS AND THE THRILL KILLS. They were releasing debut material with a video for the song (Broken Lip). So I did an audio interview with Majors and the hits of traffic came flowing. I had no idea why until I read an article that was on Metal Sludge about Sunset Strip veteran Paul E. Bardot (Swingin’ Thing) saying Majors is a liar.

KKM_Image_Aug_7_2014_9“Doing countless interviews I did some research and found out many inaccuracies in Major’s answers in my interview with him. This will be the first time in over 10 years doing interviews a musician actually got caught lying. Our site RockEyez is a very trusted site and in no way I knew of these false statements Majors verbally said. I couldn’t imagine Majors would lie about writing the material when he didn’t. I am also happy Mr.Bardot came forth with the truth on the subject.

“I have to thank Steve Rachelle for bringing this to my attention. Always good to have good people covering your back. Thanks Man”

Brian Rademacher CEO of RockEyez

Rademacher also confirmed to Metal Sludge that Kristy Majors had in fact contacted him and asked him to take the interview down after our initial story was printed. Add to that, Majors also told Rademacher, “I am suing Stevie Rachelle this week.”

Friendly reminder, since we’re being sued - please buy the latest Metal Sludge t-shirt right HERE.

>>>  And if you thought the RockEyez story was the only time Majors committed such a mislead, there was also a story that recently ran on  Hardrockhaven.com by Joe Dolan – another respected journalist, photographer and PR person, that saw Majors spew forth the same BS (check the link HERE.

Here is an excerpt from the interview portion of the story by Majors: “ I felt like I had something to say with this album and I hope other people grasp on to it as well.  I don’t care about trends or what everyone else is doing.  I find most music today all sounds the same.” …

“Dolan: The CD is self-written; self produced and recorded in your own studio with Kari Kane (Pretty Boy Floyd) on drums and percussion.  Did anyone else contribute to what we hear on the CD?

“Majors: Kari played the drums and I did everything else.  It’s a tedious process, but I’ve always said that if you want something done right, do it yourself.”

Did you hear that? If you want something done right, do it yourself. All we can say to that is, ha ha ha. (see screen cap below)

Oh, and by the way, there is more total bullshit in this story, including Pretty Boy Floyd selling more than 500,000 albums (so where is the gold record then?) and that Majors had produced a series of platinum jazz artists (names please??? Ha ha).




>>>  As for Suckerpunch, the band has recently — and ironically — just joined facebook on July 9. Their official page is HERE.

The band has posted countless photos of their 1996 release in CD and Vinyl format. Almost as if to say, “Hey, we’ve been here for a while.”

The group has posted reviews, photos and links to buy their CD and cassette from Amazon right HERE. Clearly displayed are the song titles, art work and credits to writers of the song.  We also found a link for Suckerpunch from Amoeba Records right HERE.

Suckerpunch was made up of Worden (Bardot) on Lead Vocals, Mosher on Guitars/Vocals, Mike Dimkich on Lead Guitar, Gary “Gaz” Ivin on Bass and Patrick Muzingo on Drums.

The band’s drummer (Patrick) has also recently uploaded several Suckerpunch songs/audio/video files on his official youtube page. Their song “Hand Over Fist” (aka “Broken Lip” by Kristy Majors & the Thrill Kills) can be heard on youtube HERE, and was uploaded July 24th 2014.

Tim Mosher and Patrick Muzingo both currently are also playing with the band Junkyard. Junkyard has a official facebook page HERE and has replied to an inquiry about the Kristy Majors controversy. The screen capture is noted below.

“From what we’ve heard Kristy hasn’t replied to anyone about this. Covering songs is cool, going around saying you wrote em all is a totally different animal. Oh yeah: No, he didn’t purchase the masters” Junkyard – the band. Who oddly and currently features Tim Mosher (guitars) and Patrick Muzingo (drums). Both members were also in Suckerpunch.


>>>  Per our original article. Metal Sludge has transcribed a few select questions and answers from Brian Rademacher’s audio interview off the Rockeyez youtube channel with Kristy Majors June 23rd 2014. For those who don’t want to weed through 15 minutes of drivel, we have pulled out the cream of the crop and noted it all below.

Listen for this Q&A starting at the :04 second mark into the Rockeyez interview.
Rockeyez: “Kristy Majors and the Thrill Kills. Tell me a little bit about the new band?”

Kristy Majors: “Ahh, The new band it was just, you know I just wanted good people. I wanted to surround myself with – ahh, you know good people that I actually like and enjoy spending time with,that are good players. And ahh, you know I am back to a couple of guys that I have known for a long time, and ahh, put the project together, And you know, I had already recorded the material and wrote the material. Had it all done and just sent it over to them. And they all dug it. And we just started, rolling, right from there. (laughing)”

KK_Photo_Rob_Rockitt_M3_20111_5Listen for this Q&A starting at the :52 second mark into the Rockeyez interview.

Rockeyez: “I listened to the CD, it’s a little bit of a stretch from Pretty Boy Floyd.I feel it’s, maybe more of a punk oriented sound. It’s a mixture of punk and metal.”

Kristy Majors: “Yeah, you know, I think it’s a – it’s a pretty far stretch from Pretty Boy Floyd as far as the sound the goes. But you know, obviously it still has the pop sensibilities. But, you know I was just going back to like – my New York roots, and, you know all the things that I was influenced, when I was younger and when I was a kid, and stuff and everything and ahh. I just wrote songs that I thought were (pause) ahh,  that I was feeling at the time and that I wanted to ahh, (pause) that, that I just wanted to do. (laughing) You know, I was like, I don’t try and follow a trend, ahh you know, it’s like I don’t try and make music to please anybody, I just,  you know I do it for myself now days.”

Listen for this Q&A starting at the 6;40 mark into the Rockeyez interview.
Rockeyez: “I think you have 10 songs on the new disc?”

Kristy Majors:  “Eleven.”

KK_Photo_Rob_Rockitt_M3_20111_6Rockeyez: “Was there any particular song that really stands out to you - that meant a lot to you? I know all of them meant a lot to you, but I mean anything you can…(inaudible).”

Kristy Majors: “Aww man you know, yeah, I mean, it’s kinda hard for me to like – pin point, umm (stutter), like a particular song.  You know I mean, there’s just like, like some songs, like some people  might not get the meaingness of what they’re about, you know, ahhh (stutter) but hopefully I was hoping with the lyrics, they would get it. You know, but like”  >pauses<  “Ummm, (stutter) I’m trying to remember like some of the songs. You know, I really love “Stagnation Street”, its, ahh, umm, you know, I was really going for an old like, ummm, like Stooges, ummm, you know Sex Pistols kind of vibe on that, you know umm when I wrote that song.  Umm, I love ummm.  (pause)  “Umm, I love the lyrics in “Make Up” because it’s actually about, you know like a personality disorders, and stuff like that so (laughing). And ahh, I don’t know so, you know a lot of the songs, you know they ahh (stutter), like I said, you know they’re like, it’s hard for me to sit there and pick out like, which ones that I, particularly just like love but “Stagnation Street: is one of my favorites I’d have to say.”

UPDATED Aug 9th 2014 9:00AM (PST)
Editors Note:
Metal Sludge has been informed by Brian Rademacher of Rockeyez that Kristy Majors (aka Chris Maggiore) has filed complaints with Youtube and the company has removed the June 23rd 2014 interview from youtube. Majors has complained that his copy-written artwork for the Kristy Majors & the Thrill Kills CD was violated by Rademacher and Rockeyez. Make note that the interview with Majors had been up on youtube for 46 days with no issue – of course until we ran our story, It was alleged by a Los Angeles musician that Majors had stolen songs, and in this exact interview Majors claimed to have written those songs. We are awaiting a new upload of audio only, with no artwork. Stay tuned and we will bring it to you. In the mean time the key comments from the interview are transcribed above.

Here is a new link from the Rockeyez website with an audio file of the June 2014 Kristy Majors interview.
Paste in your browser if the link below is not loading properly.


In another related interview that just posted to Rockeyez official youtube channel, former Pretty Boy Floyd drummer Scotti Dee has answered questions related to Majors and this recent debacle.

A quote Metal Sludge has transcribed from that audio found HERE is noted below.

KKM_Image_Aug_7_2014_12“Kristy thought it was his band, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. He didn’t write a lick of material. … We were doing a song called “Everybody Needs a Hero,” which is a great song, a phenomenal song, I loved it. I found out from a girl at one of the shows we were playing that we were covering a local band in California called Big Bang Babies. I am like, “What are you talking about?” She is like, “That song, ‘Everybody Needs a Hero.” ,,,, Kristy supposedly wrote a  song called “Everybody Needs a Hero” and completely stole it and used it as his own, and that’s how I first found out Kris is liar, a complete liar. … He pretty much steals everyone’s songs and uses ‘em as his own, and when you call him out, he threatens you with an attorney. When push comes to push, he’s pretty much a lying sack of shit. The proof was right there. It takes balls, it really does.” … I think his new band should be called Karma. I honestly think right now this is the nail in his coffin. People don’t realize the power of the internet can make you or break now. I think right now Kristy totally screwed himself.




If anyone else has any similar experiences with Kristy Majors or his related bands or companies please forward your story to us.

See you all at Rock N’ Skull and we’re gonna bet the house there won’t be any Pretty Boy Floyd or Thrill Kills shows anytime soon!

With this long winded post about over, we would like to send out a big Fuck You to Kristy Majors.

You wanna play bully? Great. So do we. Take that you phony ass bitch.

Now let’s listen to some real mother fucking rock on the way out!

Metal Sludge
Sludge Kills


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    Look up the band Fuzzbubble “Zero Superstar”. He poached that from the Bad Boy Entertainment band for his album Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll. Look up the Backyard Babies song “The Kids are Right”. He poached that one and changed lyrics calling it “Kids on Dope”.

  • Thorbjörn Brorsson

    It’s good that all of this come out in the open. To Kristys defence what is written above about the song “Everybody Needs A Hero” isn’t the whole truth. Pretty Boy Floyd released their version of the song in 1998 on their comeback EP titled “A Tale Of Sex…”. Keri Kelli who was a member of PBF at the time is listed as the songwriter. As it turns out Keri (who has played in about 1000 bands) was also a member of Big Bang Babies and played on at least three officai releases by that band that included “Everybody Needs A Hero”.

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    Pretty Boy Floyd – um – meh. A dude (dud) wearing eye shadow & lipstick with painted nails named “Kristy”, who is not, btw, Nikki Sixx (who can honestly get away with said look) steals 3-4 minute tunes from another band, claims them for his own, gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar, so he sues… really? In other news, US is bombing Iraq again, Tiger’s back hurts, Vlad Putin is keeping on being Putin, and I need a beer. NEXT!

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    Okay, hello from Russia one more time! Here is the thing (sorry for my English): His 2006 album “Sex Drugs Rnr” has at least a half-tracklist of stolen songs, here there are: 1) “Kids On Dope” is “The Kids are Right” by Backyard Babies: 2) “Greed” is “Empty” by Adler’s Apettite: 3) “Zero Superstar” is “Zero Superstar” by (as someone has said it below) the band FuzzBubble, etc…. seems like he’s been stealing the other’s songs like all his career. And needless to say that all PBF done in the last 15-20 years is covering songs that Keri Kelli and other musicians released in their other projects (at least, the whole A Tale Of Sex, Designer Drugs & The Death Of Rock n’ Roll EP tracklist was previously recorded by Kelli with his another bands…)

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    One of the most blatant examples is his plagiarized version of over the edge, which is essentially backyard babies UFO Romeo…there are no discrepancies with this one, he has no relationship with this band.
    The funniest thing about this- he is so far off the radar that it’s just being noticed even though he recorded it in 2002
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