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Bobby Blotzer responds to Metal Sludge’s exclusive Ratt singer audition demos says ‘way bigger Blotz news coming soon’



Bobby Blotzer responds to Metal Sludge’s exclusive release of Ratt singer audition demos.


661 Area Code — Earlier today Metal Sludge brought you this crazy story of how some fans took a live Ratt recording and had their singer friend replace lead vocals from the band’s recently departed classic voice Stephen Pearcy.

Now in a matter of hours the story has thousands of reads and fans chiming in from all angles.

With that said, we reached out to Ratt members Juan Croucier (bass) and Bobby Blotzer (drums) and asked if they had heard the recently released Ratt recordings with Texas singer Ryan Coggin.

In keeping with tradition and never at a loss for words, da’ Blotz replied in minutes. 4 minutes to be exact.

Not only did he reply, but he sent a nice P.S. to boot.

And a few typos. Good ole’ Blotzer.


Typical of Blotz to get shitty, but in his defense, he replied a second time and said, “Just kidding…..life is short”

Compare the same live track from Ratt doing “Body Talk” at the M3 Music Festval.

The first version is with Stephen Pearcy, the second is with Ryan Coggin.

Now a fan online has even synced up Ryan Coggin‘s vocal take with the actual live Ratt performance from M3 and put it on youtube.

The Coggin‘s camp seem to think he’s the guy and note this is an unedited pass in the studio. See screen capture from the description section of their sound cloud account below.


Ratt_Singer_Ryan_July_25_2014_3Metal Sludge has also reached out to Ryan Coggin‘s camp again and asked where they were at with these tracks related to the band members themselves. They informed us that they had already forwarded these tracks to Bobby Blotzer through mutual friends.

We then asked if the band had heard these and if they had replied.

Coggin‘s camp sent us the following:

“Again.. all pulled from the live RATT recording from last year. Bobby, Warren and Juan have heard these and Bobby loves them and for some reason Warren and Juan are on the fence…” 

I’ve seen Bobby’s texts and he flipped out about his voice absolutely… “ said Cann. 

Ryan Coggin is pictured at right.

No word from Juan Croucier yet.

Stay tuned….

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  • Nick

    No offense to this Ryan guy because he def has the chops to cover Ratt music but Pearcy has an undefinable swagger that truly defines Ratt. If people want to hear the songs sung perfectly they can just listen to the old CDs. Part of the live experience is seeing the guys that created the music and went through the whole scene together. Sadly, otherwise it’s just a cover band. I don’t fault the guys for wanting to continue but don’t expect to play to the large audiences that you deserve to be playing in front of.

  • 36Free

    When did Rock n’ Roll become a best of karaoke contest? The guy is ringer for Pearcy, but there’s so much more than imitation. If there were ever a way to get rid of Blotzer, have no doubt Ratt could move forward. He’s the easiest to replace and is not integral to the band anyway. Jimmy Degrasso filled in last year & Ratt never sounded better, amazing what a drummer that stays in time can do. Just when Juan comes back to the fold, it all had to go to shit largely due to Blotzer’s small brain & big mouth.



  • bobbykhan

    Stephen Pearcy looks drugged out and twacked as fuck in that video. Jesus, put down the meth pipe, pal. Druggies are hard as fuck to deal with, maybe thats why they dont want him in the band. If hes NOT on drugs, then it must suck to look exactly like you eat meth.

  • Hairmetalmusic.com

    That singer sounds pretty cool, great voice and he does sound a lot like Ratt. But man, can you imagine the negative publicity Ratt would get if they hired him? The dude should have contact Ratt PRIVATELY and then they could have “discovered” him.

  • Hairmetalmusic.com

    Pearcy definitely is showing the signs of a lifetime of drinking and drugs. Still one of the best frontmen of our generation though.

  • Joey

    Ah man I miss the blotzer meltdowns. Metal Sludge should host a Blotzer blog so we can keep up with his awesome intellect =)

  • Lexicon

    Zero Ratts. Summer is more than half over and there is no tour booked, dude

  • Brian

    Pearcy is Great on Vinyl,,, LIVE he Sucks.. I’ve seen RATT a number of times (4 or 5 times) and their very 1st Tour for OUT OF THE CELLAR he was awesome, Every time after that he has completely sounded like shit.. it wasn’t only one show that may have been an off show, but Every time since he can’t cut it live for whatever reason, too many cigarettes?, alcohol?, drugs?, no idea but his voice in a live situation does not hold up to anything he’s done in the studio.. Now if this dude (Ryan) can sound like that live then that is awesome. He’s got just enough rasp in his voice and he sounds like pearcy but better, stronger..

  • Jesse Bland

    Ah, Bobby Blotzer. There are lots of rock stars turned mouthpieces over the years: David Lee Roth, Chris Robinson, John Lennon, Liam Gallagher, Bono, John Lydon, Mick Jagger, Nikki Sixx, Gene Simmons, Morrissey, etc. In many cases, their personal “brands” grew bigger than the band that launched them and they become icons of style and pop culture. However, what they all have in common is intelligence, charisma and unique perspective. Being a loudmouthed drunk with an opinion on everything doesn’t qualify.