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Kids Kids, Kids: Nikki Sixx and wife Courtney Bingham announce there is a baby on the way



Nikki Sixx and wife Courtney Bingham announce there is a baby on the way


Radar Online — Married life rocks! More than four months after saying “I do,” Mötley Crüebassist Nikki Sixx and his new wife,HOW2GIRL Courtney Bingham, are more in love than ever — and Bingham tells RadarOnline.com that they’re even planning on having a little rockstar of their own in the very near future!

Nikki_Courtney_July_2014_2Recent photos of Bingham in tears sparked speculation there was trouble in paradise, but Bingham insists her husband only makes her smile.

“Married life is everything I dreamed it would be,” the HOW2GIRL lifestyle guru told Radar exclusively. “I still wake up and pinch myself every day when I see my husband. He then surprises me with lovely flowers and shows me the appreciation that anyone would want from a true gentleman. I am literally living my dream.”

In fact, as soon as Sixx, 55, is done with Mötley Crüe’s current tour, the two are planning of having a baby, which will be the first child for Bingham, 28.

“Something great is coming to an end but new things are around the corner,” Bingham gushed. “When the tour is over we intend to have a little rocker of our own! I am so excited to have my first baby with the love of my life.”

The couple will have plenty of space for a family in their brand new Californiahome, which they moved into this week. Bingham tells Radar, “We are very excited for the move into our dream home this week. I am decorating it with my HOW2GIRL expertise. Think Ralph Lauren meets Rockstar!”

This is the third marriage for Sixx, who has three kids with ex-wife Brandi BrandtStorm Breanne Sixx, 20, Gunner Nicholas Sixx, 23, and Decker Nilsson Sixx, 19. He also has a daughter with his Baywatch star ex-wifeDonna D’ErricoFrankie-Jean Mary Sixx, 13.

The above courtesy of Radar Online.

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  • sanfranguns

    Didn’t Sixx talk about getting a vasectomy at some point after his last kid?

  • ian

    how long before he tells his kid he OD’d and died, floating over himself in the hospital?

  • Tiko Tapia

    wtf? here he explains all the details of his vasectomy…so?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXlUGOqw6Oo

  • Rodrigue Eric

    Huh…Maybe because sperm can be frozen for future use

  • sanfranguns

    Are you saying that he got a vasectomy only to freeze his own sperm for later use? Why even bother then?

  • 36Free

    Nikki talked about having a vasectomy on Howard Stern for like 15 minutes (it’s on Youtube). Interview was around the time of the Heroin Diaries release. Guess he’s either getting it reveresed or adopting.

  • 36Free

    Now that the page fully loaded, I see someone posted it already.)

  • Mickmars

    Nikki will be like 94 when this kid graduates…(just kidding,but he will be about 77)

  • Hairmetalmusic.com

    Hope he raises the kid to be humble, kind and treat others with respect. And On With The Show is still an awesome song.