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SPEED IT UP PLEASE – No word from Enuff Z’Nuff’s Vie after accusations of making meth



No word from Enuff Z’Nuff’s Vie after accusations of making meth
By Gerry Gittelson
Metal Sludge Editor at Large


LOS ANGELES — One day after a former roommate in Tennessee publicly accused talented but troubled former Enuff Z’Nuff singer Donnie Vie of attempting to manufacture methamphetamine, Vie has ignored several attempts to give his own side of the story.

DonnieMSEXAn acquaintance with close ties said Vie claims to have read the damning Metal Sludge exclusive (HERE) and that the acquaintance had forwarded to Vie a contact number to respond to the accusations — but so far to no avail. Plus, Metal Sludge has reached out through Vie’s Facebook page private messaging, in addition to trying to reach Vie by cell (disconnected) and through his supposed girlfriend, Lisa Vie.

DV_CZ_July_2014_1Meanwhile, Enuff Z’Nuff band leader Chip Z’Nuff, for decades Vie’s best friend in the world, said he has had a falling out with Vie — and that details of the story are probably true, though at this point there is no official source to the accusations, only the proclamations of Dirty Gunzz band members Michael Hurst and Chris Anderson, both of whom purportedly took Vie into their homes temporarily after Vie arrived by bus from Las Vegas.

Vie, who is 50 years old, is believed to still be residing in Tennessee, perhaps in Nashville.

“I’m sure it’s true,” Z’Nuff said. “(Meth) is what Donnie was into before, and as far as knowing how to make it, let’s just say he’s a very smart guy.”

Vie is no longer in Enuff Z’Nuff following the band’s 2013 early-summer tour in Europe that was not as successful as hoped, Z’Nuff said.

“The tour wasn’t that great,” Z’Nuff said. “After the tour, Donnie stayed in London with a friend, then I guess he went to Vegas and then Tennessee. I’ve texted him a few times — the last time on Father’s Day — and every time he has texted me back, it’s been weird stuff. Basically, he turned his back on me. We’ve been estranged for a while.”

DV_CZ_July_2014_4nsetVie has a history of drug addiction and bad behavior, and Chip said he urged the singer to get help and to focus on his health, but Vie allegedly never followed through.

“He’s still my brother, and Donnie is a big part of our band’s legacy. The guy is a fantastic talent,” Z’Nuff said. “Had he been sober, Enuff Z’Nuff would have been a lot bigger. I gave him everything I’ve got, and I begged him to reconsider (trying to get sober), but he just couldn’t make it all the way to the fourth quarter, if you know what I mean.

“Right now, I just don’t know what to say. No words can express how I feel. It’s bittersweet, and I’m disappointed. But I do love him, and I want to see him get better. I’d love to have one more chance together.”

DV_CZ_July_2014_2Anderson is the one who first said Vie was allegedly planning to manufacture meth in Anderson’s family home — including bringing in ingredients of liquid drano and batteries. On Monday, however, Anderson back-peddled after saying he had talked to Vie about the story.

“He’s really upset, and a lot of things were taken out of context,” Anderson said.

Hurst, who supposedly had originally invited Vie to come to Tennessee, said he hasn’t talked to Vie over the past two months.

“Chris has all the answers. You’re wasting your time talking about it to me,” Hurst said. “We were on good terms when he left, but I fucking doubt we’re on good terms anymore. Let’s just say I don’t expect Donnie Vie to call me to have lunch together.”

Vie and Z’Nuff co-founded Enuff Z’Nuff in 1984 in Chicago. Five years later, the band had a couple of MTV hits with “New Thing” and “Fly High Michelle” after recording an album for Atco Records. The followup album in 1991,“Strength,” was also well-received, prompting Rolling Stone to name Enuff Z’Nuff “hot band of the year,” but the group has been chasing its popularity ever since through consistent touring and album releases, as Vie has been in and out of the band several times.

Johnny Monaco is the current singer, and Enuff Z’Nuff has several festival concerts coming up, along with a new CD coming soon through Cleopatra, Z’Nuff said.

Gerry Gittelson can be reached at [email protected]

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  • Scott Percelli

    Chip kind of looks like Mr Burns as a drag queen. What the hell happen to all these guys. On top of the world one minute….at the bottom the next.

  • OneFlapDown

    Had they made the zillions they should have, I’m afraid Mr. Vie would have left us long ago. As a lifelong fan, I can only hope he conquers his demons. It is the fight of his life.

  • All_That

    Donnie does need to get his act together, that we all know. As far as these allegations go ,I’m not buying it. The guitarist is already retracting his story. I think it’s some small town band trying to ride the coat-tails of someone established and trying to generate an online buzz for publicity.

  • Chris Kelley

    Donnie’s plight is a rough one. I wouldn’t wish drug addiction on my worst enemy, and meth destroys everything about a person: body, mind and soul.

    That being said, there is very little that is less rock and roll than wearing a DARE shirt onstage.

    Well, shy of Gene Simmons opening a Kiss golf course, of course.

  • Chi-Town-Brown

    Anyone notice that guitarist is wearing a DARE shirt? Dirty Narcz is more fitting!

  • Jesse Bland

    Very sad. Despite the silly look and the gimmick, this was a very talented band. I am not sure who wrote their music, but the melodies and song structures are excellent.

  • Carolina

    If the sources are already back-pedalling, then really this is an open and closed case as far as I’m concerned. All of this has been based on pure speculation. So some hick band from Tennessee makes up a story, retracts it, and then doesn’t want to comment on it? Sounds like their plan to destroy the reputation of Donnie backfired in their faces, and the only thing that was destroyed was the credibility they never had to begin with. Good job, Dirty Scumz.

  • Hairmetalmusic.com

    What a sad story. He is such a great musical talent.

  • Dave Sturdy

    Donnie Vie is and always will be a genius. If he had blown his brains out ten years ago, he would be very famous now. Sadly the media, such as metal sludge, love to cream their pants when a guy is maybe going through a bad time. Fuck you sludge.