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Porn King Ron Jeremy’s thoughts on Tommy Lee’s penis: “Mine is bigger.”



“I’m not kinky”
Talking dirty with legendary porn supertar Ron Jeremy in a Metal Sludge exclusive
By Gerry Gittelson

Metal Sludge Editor at Large


HOLLYWOOD – He’s had sex with more hot women than even the horniest of every famous rock star, sometimes side by side with the biggest names in rock like Vince Neil, and Ron Jeremy is still keeping it up.

Yet there is more to Jeremy than his nine-inch penis.

In addition to be being perhaps the most famous male porn actor of all-time – the only one who compares is the late John Holmes – Jeremy, 60, has been credited as recording artist, a book author, a reality TV star, a public speaker and even an animal rights activist.

He is currently looking forward to filming a mainstream movie titled “Killing Ron Jeremy,” which is neither a porno flick nor a documentary. And Jeremy is so entrenched in the rock world that it’s rare not to see the stocky New Yorker backstage at all the biggest concerts.

For someone who could once suck his own dick, frankly it’s surprising the guy ever left his house at all.

In this Metal Sludge exclusive, Jeremy checked for a candid chat, and we found him in a great mood. He’s done more than 2,000 adult films but still has the energy to conduct himself in a normal manner, and for that we’re impressed. Anything more is gravy.


A classic shot of Ron in his prime


METAL SLUDGE: So you’re working on a new movie called “Killing Ron Jeremy.” Tell us about it.

RON JEREMY: It’s more of a comic thing, a scripted story. It’s really cute. Adult Video News named me the No. 1 porn star of all-time , which was a nice little honor, and the basic plot is, (fellow porn star) Evan Stone is No. 2, but he wants to be No. 1, so he devises a plot to kill me and it backfires.

JEREMY: It’s kind of like “Home Alone” meets a triple-X movie. It’s a funny plot, simple but funny, and the story goes off in tangents with a little romance but basically a lot of comedy.

SLUDGE: OK, I’ve got ask this first. You could suck your own dick. Tell me about this.

JEREMY: I discovered it in the Boy Scouts, tying up my high boots. I was like, “Wow, I can kiss it. Is anyone in the room?” I didn’t think it was so horrible, just a little weird. I told my dad about it, and he said to just wait until I was 18 for a girl to kiss it for me.

SLUDGE: So I assumed you could get closer and closer to it as you got older?

JEREMY: Just the opposite, actually. I was fit and muscular when I was really young, just all muscle but very thin, so I could bend over and kiss it. But then I discovered buffets.

If you dare, click HERE to see a collection of Ron Jeremy self-suck photos.

SLUDGE: Where are you from?

JEREMY: I’m from Bayside, Queens. I like to say I’m from “Queens,” but I’m really from normal parents. (laughs)


SLUDGE: What did you mom think of you being in porn movies?

JEREMY: She actually knew very little about it. By that time, she was getting older and had Parkinson’s disease. Before that though, she was a spy in World War II, and how many people can claim that about their mother? It’s true, though. She did intelligence work in Germany. But she was aware that I had a done a couple of “nudie” movies, and all she would say was, “My boy, Ronnie, he dances to a different drummer.” That was the expression she used.

SLUDGE: What about your dad?

JEREMY: Same thing.  He looked at it as a means to an end. At first, I was trying to make it as a regular actor in mainstream theatre, and he appreciated that. I didn’t just sit back and say, “I’m going to be a porn star.”

SLUDGE: How much did you get paid for your first porn movie? Do you remember?

JEREMY: A couple of hundred bucks.

SLUDGE: Were you nervous?

JEREMY: Of course.

SLUDGE: You’ve got a big connection with rock and roll. I see you at all the big rock concerts, Ron, and of course you’re also always hanging  out at the Rainbow.

JEREMY: Yeah, I hold the world record for being in the most rock videos. I’ve been in 48 of ‘em. I just did a Miley Cyrus tape, and it was getting two million hits a day, high-profile stuff. I did “Sexy And I Know It” a video with LMFAO and it got a quarter-billion hits.

SLUDGE: I remember you being good friends with C.C. DeVille and the guys from Nelson. The Nelson guys had told me you brought them to a porno shoot.

JEREMY: Yes, very good friends. Slash and Axl, too. I’ve been to all their homes. I even played piano on the Kid Rock video “Cowboy.” You can click on the video and see me playing.

SLUDGE: And we’ve known each other a long time, too. I was the manager of Queeny Blast Pop which had Lesli Sanders in the band, and you used to always introduce the band onstage.

JEREMY: Yeah, I love Queeny Blast Pop. I even put some of their music in the John Bobbit movie.


SLUDGE: What’s the biggest porn-related check you’ve ever received, and what did you do with the money?

JEREMY: Probably the biggest check was from hotmovies.com, which is linked with ronjeremy.com, but I don’t like to talk figures. My own web site, the royalties, that’s the biggest check. As far as the porn films are concerned, the biggest is probably $1,000.

SLUDGE: That’s all?

JEREMY: Well, it’s the same thing for all guys. I’ve got up to $1,000, but most guys only get $400-500. John Holmes used to get a grand a day, just like me, but the demand isn’t for the guys, it’s for the girls, so they get more. Most guys get less, maybe even $200-300.

SLUDGE: If you can’t get a hard-on, does that mean you’re out of a job?

JEREMY: Well, I’ve always been able to work, no problem. And plus, there are a lot of non-sex roles. I’ve been nominated many times for awards for non-sex roles.

SLUDGE: Have you ever not been able to get it up?

JEREMY: No. Thankfully.

SLUDGE: I wanted to ask you about some particular porn figures, and your thoughts on them.


SLUDGE: Savannah.

JEREMY: She had a very beautiful face. She didn’t have the hot sex scenes as some of the others, but Savannah was actually really beautiful to look at, and she was great on box covers – she could see a lot of tapes.

SLUDGE: She ended up killing herself.

JEREMY: Yeah, it was horrifying. We had known each other socially, from hanging out with Vince Neil, and we even played around a little together once at Vince’s house when he was with Debbie Diamond and I was with Savannah. We had a little foursome, and I got to play with Savannah a little

SLUDGE: Interesting.

JEREMY: I’ve introduced Vince Neil on stage. He’s a really sweet man. Hangin’ out with him is a lot of fun.

SLUDGE: Oh, have you seen Tommy Lee’s penis? What are your thoughts?

JEREMY: Mine is bigger.

Ron_Jeremy_3_Jan_2014Ron with porn legend John Holmes

SLUDGE: What about John Holmes? Did you know him well?

JEREMY: He was a good guy. We did some sex scenes side by side, and he would call me “little dick.” Later on, I had learned he was working as a police informant, and that’s why of all the shoots he did, he never got busted. He had actually contracted HIV, though,  and he knew he had it when he went to Europe and did some sex scenes there, and that was bad karma for him.

But like I said, he was a good guy as far as I was concerned, hangin out with with the boys, a fun guy just like everyone else. I didn’t know about all the dark things.

SLUDGE: What about Traci Lords?

JEREMY: I worked with her a couple of times. She was gorgeous with an amazing physique but was just approaching 18, so she was too young, and that was a scandal of course. Everyone had to take her films off the shelf. No one in the business knew. What a stunt she pulled off with a fake driver’s license and a a fake passport. She surprised everyone.

I guess she found someone else, someone older, who looked like her. Traci’s real name was Nora Kuzma, but she had an ID with the name Christine on it.

SLUDGE: Also, so you remember Heather Torrance? She was Miss Gazzarri’s dancer, a good friend of mine, who did some porn.

JEREMY: I do. I do remember her.

SLUDGE: She kind of disappeared, so I’m fearing the worst.

JEREMY: That happens, but I didn’t hear any bad stories or anything like that.


SLUDGE:  I guess the biggest star of all is Jenna Jameson. She was on TV not long ago, and she was so out of it, Ron. What the heck is wrong with her?

JEREMY: Pain killers or something , I think. But she’s done pretty well. She’s inspired a lot of women to get into the industry. I’m just look at the example she set by getting $13 million from Playboy. That’s not bad.

SLUDGE: I’ve got to ask: What’s your favorite type of porn to jerk off to?

JEREMY: I don’t masterbate to porn. It’s hard to because I’m so involved in it, but I guess I like just regular doggie. I’m not that kinky with sex.

SLUDGE: I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “size doesn’t matter.” Your thoughts?

JEREMY: They should go fuck themselves. (laughs). Nah, just kidding. Actually though, it’s true. It’s not just about size, it’s about your tongue, too.

SLUDGE: Oh, so do you have advice any giving cunnilingus?

JEREMY: I remember Nina Hartley was really good at it, so just do what she does. It’s the same thing as Sam Kinison said, just lick the alphabet.

SLUDGE: The girls love capital T, right?

JEREMY: Yeah. The alphabet. I did it once, and it worked.

SLUDGE: Your thoughts on Larry Flynt? You must have an opinion.

JEREMY: He’s a great guy. I had some wonderful jobs with him. One of first things I did was being a centerfold in Hustler. He got shot by racist who didn’t like black guys with white girls. As for being a champion of free speech and causes, he was a visionary because he made it OK, by fighting it in supreme court, to insult celebrities with no repercussions, and that opened the door for David Letterman and Jay Leno and all these others. He made it OK to satirize and parody almost anything.

SLUDGE: And of course we must bring up Huge Hefner.

JEREMY: Great guy. I’ve been to his home many times, mostly for good parties. He was a visionary, too.

SLUDGE: And the theory that Jewish men have small dicks. Your thoughts?

JEREMY: Oh, I’ll just pull down my pants. I don’t have to talk about it, I can just show you.

SLUDGE: You’ve been good friends with C.C. DeVille for a long time.

JEREMY: Yeah, both C.C. and Bret Michaels. We’ve hung out at each others’ homes. C.C. fathered a child, and now he’s a happy daddy. I think he moved to Chicago.  I think it’s cute, being a big rock star and doing drugs, and then you’re changing baby diapers.

SLUDGE: You never did any drugs or even any drinking, correct?

JEREMY: Yeah, that’s true.

Ron_Jeremy_9_Jan_2014Ron with Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses
Ron at work with Cali Lee
Vince Neil of Motley Crue with the Hedgehog


SLUDGE: Which is the opposite image of a typical porn star, where most people would think that’s what it’s all about when you’re not shooting.

JEREMY: Yeah, there are some black marks. Porn actors get a raw deal in many ways. But I do have a Ron Jeremy rum brand, and it’s doing well. I’m not a big drinker but I have had it, and it’s delicious. I always joke with Sammy Hagar about it, because he has his tequila, and I have my rum.

SLUDGE: What about the old-school guys like Led Zeppelin and The Who?

JEREMY: John Entwistle was in my music video, a rap video that went gold.

SLUDGE: What’s the most times in one day you were ever able to perform.

JEREMY: Well, I once did 15 different girls at the same time. That’s my record.

SLUDGE: Did they all cum?

JEREMY: Some of them did but not all of them. Me, a couple of times.

Ron_Jeremy_17_Jan_2014Ron poses with some nice sexy all American girls


SLUDGE: How about some advice: Is it a good idea to jerk off before a first date?

JEREMY: I think they touched on that in the movie “Something About Mary.” I guess the answer is maybe.

SLUDGE: Do you ever think about baseball?

JEREMY: Yes. It’s funny you say that. It works.

SLUDGE: Any advice at all, Ron?

JEREMY: Let me think. Here is something: You want to give her head until she climaxes before she ever sees your penis. Definitely give her head first, then show your penis. It keeps the mystery going.



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