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That Metal Show co-host Jim Florentine verbally assaults KISS fanbase; “I’ve seen the KISS ARMY, they’re over 40 and over weight!” Also, says he wasn’t a big fan; “KISS just didn’t work for me” but “I love Nirvana.”




That Metal Show co-host Jim Florentine makes fun of the KISS ARMY and claims he wasn’t a big fan of the iconic group; “KISS just didn’t work for me.”


KISS ARMY –  Jim Florentine of That Metal Show has called out the KISS ARMY for being over 40 and over weight.  He also went on to claim he’s not a big KISS fan and that the bands classic material is dated sounding  when compared to Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath and Aerosmith.

The co-host of Vh1′s That Metal Show is taking digs at KISS in light of their recent press surrounding the band and their Hall of Fame buzz. Florentine also takes shots at the bands fans -  the KISS ARMY – saying in short, they’re old and fat.

What will poor Eddie Trunk think when he hears all this?

The stand up comedian is known for his love of metal and recently rambled at length about KISS in his podcast. The comic also stands firm on his support of Nirvana. Florentine says Nirvana was a great band, deserves to be in first year – that’s right, first ballot Hall Of Fame‘r -  they changed the fucking face of music.”  He continues with’  “Nirvana ‘In Utero’ fucking masterpiece, ‘Nevermind’ was a masterpiece. I love Nirvana.“ 

Clearly Jim  is a fan of Nirvana, but unlike his TMS co-host Eddie Trunk as a die-hard KISS fan – and we’re guessing a life long KISS ARMY fan as well – Jim may not be factually that knowledgeable of the band he admits he loves so much. Florentine notes ‘Nevermind’ came out in 1992, when in fact it was released in 1991. He also claims ‘In Utero’ was the bands second release, when in truth it was their third, released in the fall of 1993. This also marked the final studio issue from the band which came out less than 7 months before Kurt Cobain took his own life in April of 1994.

Check out some choice comments from Jim Florentine on KISS and the KISS ARMY below and hear his audio/video podcast in full at the bottom of this article.

KISS just didn’t work for me, but I respected them. To me KISS is more like a greatest hits band.”

KISS is that kind of band if try to go back – to listen to them, it sounds a little dated.”

Zepplin stills sounds fresh, Sabbath still sounds fresh, the old Aerosmtih stuff still sounds fresh. Some of the (KISS) stuff just doesn’t stand the test of time. Sorry. Don’t take it personally, you didn’t write those songs. Don’t call the KISS ARMY on me (oooh) yikes.”

“Seriously, if you’re a kid and you’re in the KISS ARMY I get it. But once you’re over 20, and you’re still in the KISS ARMY. Go get your fucking head checked. Seriously. Make an appointment. ‘Doc, fucking find out what’s wrong with me?” – ‘Why what’s goin’ on?’ –  ‘I am 38 and I am still in the KISS ARMY.’”

“I got nothing against KISS seriously I don’t but the KISS ARMY is horrendous. I’ve seen the guys that are in the KISS ARMY. You’re in your 40s and 50s and you’re over weight. What kind of ARMY is that?”



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  • VegasSnake

    I hate to see Metal Sludge take shots at TMS. I’ve been a fan of both for a long time. Whatever your beef is with those guys, I guess you have the right to say it, just like Jim has the right to NOT like KISS. Look, JF is a ball-busting comedian, even making fun of himself and TMS, so I hope the KISS Army doesn’t get all riled up because MS wants them to. It’s like Don Rickles – it’s comedy, people.

  • http://www.vistarecords.us B5Erik

    It may be comedy, but like a lot of bad comedians work this wasn’t funny – it was just lame. The whole, “I’m going to say something to offend you so I’ll say, ‘No offense,’ first,” thing is pretty weak. Florentine always seemed like the weak link on the show to me. He’s kind of an a-hole to begin with, so I’m not surprised by these comments. I mean, the guy worships a no talent hack like Ozzy (whose career was made by the musicians/songwriters around him), so his judgment was in serious question before this even came out. No offense, Jim. ; )

  • VegasSnake

    I can respect your opinion, I just hate to see two good supporters of music I love being petty. Metal Sludge indulges in PLENTY of “bad comedy”… taking the latest swipes at Eddie Trunk seemed like something personal, and unneccessarily divisive.

  • Ian D Scottish

    Guys…he’s a comedian. This headline is just a tad sensational lol.

  • mkhnks

    So where’s the comedy? He can call himself a comedian, but that doesn’t make him funny. If he’s trying to be funny, he failed.

  • denrad

    Why’d you want to be associated with the Rn’R HOF? What did the HOF do for good music? Ritchie Blackmore’s said he’d never take part in the HOF, and I’m proud of that. Good music doesn’t need HOF’s validation.

  • David Scott King

    What an assclown. Not only is he a fountain of misinformation regarding his personal “favorite band”, but the guy’s voice is like a frog getting run over by a garbage truck. Not only that, he has the balls to criticize fans of HIS OWN GENERATION – sorry, dude, YOU are ALSO over 40 and overweight, and are the third fucking wheel on a niche TV show (that doesn’t even air in HD) on a spinoff channel! And you call THE KISS ARMY lame?!? Check the mirror, pal. Time for Trunk to overhaul his cronies.

  • RichardBelcher

    Anybody who claims to like Nirvana but has no idea when their albums were released is highly suspect in my opinion. No I am not a part of the Kiss Army, and I only like a handful of their songs (“Destroyer” however is a classic I won’t deny it). I really could care less about Nirvana, I was one of those Gen X kids who in high school didn’t really shed a tear when Kurt took the shotgun express to the great beyond. I was always more metal and Nirvana didn’t really speak to me AT ALL. When grunge broke I didn’t see the big deal, I was still listening to hard rock and metal, I did listen to grunge bands with a metal edge like Alice in Chains and Soundgarden, other than that grunge in my opinion was over hyped and boring.

  • OneFlapDown

    Comedians say things they don’t mean all the time. That is why it is called an ‘act’. i like some of Jim’s rants, but he is not an upper-level talent for sure. Plus, production-wise, those first 3 albums DO sound dated.

  • hbk72777

    These 2 idiots get paid to play Beavis and Butthead. All that they bring to the show is saying “cool” after every sentence from whatever guest is on the show.

    They aren’t comedians either, they bombed at the Iron Sheik roast.

  • Justin

    I think In Utero is Nirvana’s 4th album, not 3rd

  • Rocky Stradlin

    Alice In Chains and Soundgarden are the good bands from the Grunge times.

  • Rocky Stradlin

    Nirvana and Grunge fucked the Hard Rock…
    But in fact, music changes every 10 years…

  • https://www.facebook.com/jimmymartines Jim Martines

    I’m the opposite. I grew up into Kiss. I hate Nirvana lol

  • h3llbent

    All right, let’s take a quick poll. If we were to measure a band’s legacy by the number and significance of the bands they influenced, who would win out: Nirvana or Kiss? After Kurt died alternative rock went nowhere but downhill, and I can’t really name a band that has found mainstream success from 1995 onward that claims to be influenced by Nirvana. Sure, Kurt was a stellar songwriter, but to be a truly great rock band, you really need the technical chops that he just didn’t have, and if he did have them he sure made an effort in hiding them.

    On the other hand, how many bands were influenced by Kiss? I think it’s safe to say that a majority of heavy metal bands that surfaced in the late 80s were influenced by Kiss to some extent. That’s an entire generations of commercially successful artists, some of which are very well respected by critics. Nirvana, on the other hand, will always be known as the band that wiped hair metal of the map. Their influence on pop music today is non existent, no matter how good they were or how relevant their music is today, no one wants to copy or emulate them.

    To put thing in a stupid eating metaphor, Kiss was the entree, 80′s heavy metal was the 5 course meal, Nirvana was the after dinner mint.

    To make it short, they both deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, and Jim Florentine is an idiot.

  • Jay Compton

    You can respect someone calling Ozzy, the lead singer and co-songwriter of Black Sabbath, Blizzard of Ozz, and Diary of a Madman, a “no talent hack?”

    I mean, KISS was important for metalheads in the late 1970′s, but they didn’t invent the genre with Tony Iommi or redefine it in the 1980′s with Randy Rhoads, LOL! True, Ozzy needed Iommi and Rhoads, but they needed him, too. You take away KISS’s makeup and the song “Rock and Roll All Night” and suddenly all you have is some old New York City band from the ’70′s that you’ve never heard of.

    Just sayin’.

  • Jay Compton

    What are you talking about? After Kurt died alternative rock became mainstream rock. I don’t even like Nirvana, and think they get too much credit, but I don’t remember any glam metal being played on the radio post-Nevermind. I do remember hearing lots of Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana, tho. Nirvana didn’t kill glam. Glam killed glam. Overexposure and too many cookie-cutter soundalikes.

    As for influence, I’m not a KISS fan, but they did influence me to play music because when I was five years old I saw some guys (KISS) on TV in makeup, one of them spewing fire and blood, and that was awesome and made me want to do it. Had nothing to do with their music. Granted, I did like their music in the early days, but once I was a teenager it was all Metallica, Ozzy, and Pantera. No more KISS. Jim Florentine is only saying what many of us already think.

  • Jay Compton

    I always wondered why Nirvana got so much credit when Alice In Chains and Soundgarden had been out for a few years before Nevermind took off and — supposedly — killed metal. I think it is complete hogwash that Kurt had anything to do with killing metal. The only blood on Kurt’s hands was his own. Likewise, metal by then had enough self-inflicted wounds for its own suicide. It didn’t need help. Thank God for metals savior of the 90′s, Pantera! RIP Dimebag!

  • h3llbent

    In regard to glam killing glam, you’re right about that. What I mean is that Nirvana was the band that pulled the trigger and was the first one that broke out of the Seattle scene, shifting not just rock but pop in general away from that glossy L.A look and sound.

    About Kiss’ influence, dude, just because you outgrew Kiss, doesn’t mean that others did. It’s easy to say that the only reason they were popular is the spectacle and makeup, but I think that’s simply not true. Dude, even Pitchfork, I website whose snobbishness and universal hatred for anything heavier than The Darkness I despise, gave almost all the early Kiss albums scores of 8.0 and over. They’ll never be respected like Sabbath or Zeppelin, but they’ll always be Rock n Roll 101, like they were to you. Kiss were the ones that turned all those kids on to Rock n Roll in the late 70′s, for those kids to grow up to buy Metallica and Iron Maiden records.

  • http://www.friv2friv3friv4.com/ friv 2 friv 3 friv 4

    I always wondered why Nirvana got so much credit when Alice In Chains
    and Soundgarden had been out for a few years before Nevermind took off
    and — supposedly — killed metal. I think it is complete hogwash that
    Kurt had anything to do with killing metal. The only blood on Kurt’s
    hands was his own. Likewise, metal by then had enough self-inflicted
    wounds for its own suicide. It didn’t need help. friv 2

  • Jay Compton

    You’re right. And if I’m being honest, I still listen to Destroyer or Smashes, Thrashes, and Hits now and then. I was grouchy when I wrote my comment, LOL. Plus, I like Florentine and wanted to side with him. I’ve never been all that into Nirvana.

  • VegasSnake

    I can respect his opinion because I respect his RIGHT TO HAVE ONE. That’s all. And you make some good points as well. Carry on.

  • http://www.vistarecords.us B5Erik

    Ozzy hardly co-wrote anything. Geezer Butler wrote the lyrics and most of the vocal melodies in Sabbath, and in his solo career 90% of the songwriting was done by Randy Rhoads, Bob Daisley, and Lee Kerslake. Without them Ozzy would have been nothing. He can’t play a single musical instrument and he has only written a handful of songs in terms of complete lyrics.
    And KISS is a hell of a lot more than, “Rock and Roll All Night.”
    They were one of the first American bands to show some British influences.

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