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Former Anthrax Guitarist Dan Spitz Arrested For Domestic Violence Against His ‘Former Groupie’ Turned Wife Candi.


Ex Anthrax Guitarist Alleged To Have Choked Groupie Turned Wife.

LAKE WORTH – Dan Spitz, the virtuoso rock guitarist of the heavy metal band Anthrax, was arrested early on Christmas morning at his house in Lake Worth on suspicion of domestic violence, Gossip Extra has learned exclusively.

Spitz, 50, was nabbed by Palm Beach County Sheriff‘s deputies and booked into the county jail about 5 a.m. after a drunken fight with his wife and manager, Candi.

Spitz, who played with Anthrax from 1983 to 1995 then during the 2007 reunion tour, was released on his own recognizance yesterday afternoon.

According to court records, Spitz and his wife of seven years drank heavily on Christmas eve and a verbal fight eventually became physical inside their condo in the Laguna community.

At one point Spitz, who’s a watchmaker when he isn’t touring, allegedly wrapped his hands around former groupie Candi’s neck and tried to choke her. Deputies saw bruises around her neck.

Spitz told the deputies that the wife drew first blood, and assaulted him.

He did sustain scratches on his chest, neck and arms, the deputies noted in their report.

Spitz was arrested after Candi’s mother described him as “very aggressive” toward Candi.

While she didn’t see the fight in the couple’s bedroom, Candi’s mom told deputies she heard her daughter scream: “I can’t breathe.”

The argument started over another man who Candi dated when she and Spitz were briefly separated last year.

We reached out to both Dan and Candi to request their comment but we haven’t heard from them yet.

The couple have autistic twins, who are 7, and have become involved in non-profits for autistic children.

Along with Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer, Anthrax was often considered one of heavy metal’s greatest bands.

Check out Anthrax back in the day:

The above report was found on Gossip Extra

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