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Red Dragon Cartel still taking a beating from internet haters. One fan says: “This band is so awlful it makes Poison sound like Led Zeppelin.”



Red Dragon Cartel still taking a beating from the internet haters.


Las Vegas Nevada — Jake E Lee and his new project Red Dragon Cartel played their hometown debut on Friday December 20th at “Vamp’d.”  The band had just finished a short week of shows in California which kicked off with what many considered to be nothing short of a train wreck. The first ever Red Dragon Cartel show was at the world famous “Whisky-A-Go-Go” and included a star studded audience.  Warren DeMartini (Ratt), Oni Logan (Lynch Mob) and KISS know-it-all Eddie Trunk (That Metal Show) were all on hand.

Unfortunately for Lee, his debut show didn’t go so well and drew harsh criticism from around the globe. All eyes were on this gig as many awaited Jake’s much anticipated come back. The former Ozzy Osbourne guitar great had been basically MIA for 2 solid decades and a lot of hype has surrounded his new project – that is until the singer opened his mouth.  Darren Smith is fronting Jake’s new band and seems to be the center of much of the critiquing. Smith himself came forward in this video interview to set the record straight on what really happened.

For Smith and the band, it seems that some of the freshman blues have settled but the haters have not. The band has played a few more shows since that ‘train wreck’  and from the very start have had close friends and associates come to their defense. Most close to the group have written off that initial show as rust, jitters and lack of preparation in general. The fans haven’t been very forgiving though and have been relentless in their opinions.

Onward they marched and the band followed up Hollywood with a show in San Diego while a date with Queensryche in Arizona was cancelled. The rumor was that ticket sales were low and this was no fault of Red Dragon Cartel’s – and maybe that was in their favor. Had they appeared in front of a few thousand progressive metal fans – like the Queensryche fanbase – the Red Dragon Cartel might have found themselves in another shit storm if they didn’t step up their game.

Now it’s been a few weeks and a fist full of shows and the more recent youtube clips don’t seem to be changing everyone’s mind. At least not yet. It looks like the readers on Blabbermouth and on Youtube are still not convinced that Jake has all the right pieces. Fans are still attacking the singer with comments ranging from “He’s out of key” to remarking about his stomach size with things like; “When is the baby due?”

Below are some choice words and opinions of the metal community.


Jake Side View Vegas


Front And Center View Vegas


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  • denrad

    Talk about being so one-sided. Most of these negative comments are made by ignorant sheeple. Even complaining about the bassist? If it wasn’t for the bassist, Red Dragon Cartel wouldn’t have been possible. There seems to be nothing but negativity on this site. Yuck! It’s so unbalanced compared to other sites – mainly giving negative voices a platform to be heard. Why don’t you’s have a direct interview with Jake, to hear his side of the story, instead of spreading one-sided crap. The next thing you know, not only has the record industry suffered due to the internet, but with the way things are going here, bands may not bother doing shows anymore with negativity like this. Is this the way of the future? Thankfully the internet wasn’t around in the 80′s for the negative sheeple to analyse and report every negative move. Bands had a chance to grow then. Get a life…

  • mkhnks

    Your comedy skills are impressive: “bands may not bother doing shows anymore with negativity like this.”

    That is funny stuff.

    You complain about the one-sidedness of this site, then you make preposterous statements and whine about Metal Sludge, a site you clearly don’t read. If you did read it, you’d know that the site helped promote the launch of Jake’s cartel. If you did read it, you’d know the site’s mission is not to rip on any and every band hailing from the 80s. If you did read it, you’d know that the site provides a lot of information about the bands and musicians from the era, positive and negative.

    MS is not a news organization, it is not obligated to be “fair and balanced,” yet it provides info, good and bad, about the bands that seek sheeple like you: sheeple to buy the product, no questions asked.

    Your rant comes off as pure idiocy. Get a clue…

  • denrad

    You make some pretty wild assumptions:

    “Metal Sludge, a site you clearly don’t read” – I’ve been frequenting and enjoying MS for 13-15 years buddy…

    When MS goes out of it’s way to find all of the negativity on RDC it can, and cram it all onto this and many other pages. And when comparing that to the trouble it went to promote RDC onto “one” page, it’s no contest…The bad reporting heavily outweighs the good.

    That’s why I suggested MS do a direct interview with Jake, as opposed to focussing in on their bad start. Maybe a 20 Questions…

    I’ve missed seeing Jake for 20 years. He himself said he left the industry, as he didn’t think anyone was wanted to see him again. You have to consider that track record. I don’t wanna see that happen again, if possible. To me, it’s not funny. I prefer good music over gossip. Give ‘em a chance…

    You seem to be a know-it-all….assuming…as you said: “yet it (MS) provides info, good and bad, about the bands that seek sheeple like you: sheeple to buy the product, no questions asked”.

    After listening to the numerous complete RDC songs, I’ve been impressed. Why not buy it if it’s good. This keeps good music alive. You come across as A Metal Sludge fanboy. It would appear, to you, they can do no wrong. If that’s your priority, get a life man…

    I’ll continue to “question” MS if I notice they keep doing this style of reporting. I’ve enjoyed MS’s humour over the years, but this isn’t funny.

    And could you be a little more original and come up with your own adjective (using the term I used – sheeple – you’ve proven my point), let alone opinions. Don’t keep on being one of the “sheeple”….

  • mkhnks

    based upon your writing, the assumptions are not wild at all.

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