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Donnie Vie the former Enuff Z’Nuff vocalist to release “Goodbye : Enough Z’Nuff” CD/DVD in early 2014!

Donnie_Vie_2013_1Baz Francis & Donnie Vie



Baz Francis talks about touring with Donnie Vie and announces his new release “Goodbye – Enough Z’nuff”


Over the summer of 2013 I had the pleasure of touring with my buddy Donnie across Europe on what he dubbed The Magical History Tour. We covered some miles and met some lovely people, and my driving only nearly got us killed on two occasions, a personal best for me.Once the tour was over, we worked on 4 different projects together: the Magic Eight Ball album ‘Sorry We’re Late But We’re Worth The …Wait’ on which Donnie and I sing together on the song ‘Before It Was Murder (You Got Me Talking)’, Donnie’s forthcoming studio record, and another project that we shall revisit in the future with costumes I’m sure.The fourth of these ventures was to be a live record and DVD of our tour along with a complete videography of Enuff Z’nuff (with Donnie’s commentary alongside it). So, for the month straight after the tour and along with our other work, Donnie and I made just that. I then found out today that on 24th February 2014 this new Donnie Vie live set shall be given its official release on Cargo Records UK as ‘Goodbye : Enough Z’nuff’.I provide backing vocals on 4 of the 14 songs on the CD and feature on quite a few of the tracks on the 45-chapter DVD too, and the whole package covers every record from the remarkable career of a guy who, friend or not, is still the best songwriter out there I believe.Consider this your Hors d’oeuvre for Donnie’s new studio collection (also out on Cargo Records in the first quarter of 2014) which already sounds phenomenal and also features the dulcet tones of yours truly on a couple of songs.This video, courtesy of John Dryland at Cargo, is the opening chapter of the aforementioned DVD though and features an acoustic version of Donnie’s song ‘My Dear Dream’ that we recorded at my house a few months ago, laid over a montage from our summer’s travels. I mean, even Rocky had a montage so why couldn’t we?Special thanks to the following people who helped Donnie and I make this clip, and indeed, whole collection: Lewis John (mixer extraordinaire), Grantus Maximus (for the hard work on the DVD), Kay Dougan at HartNoir Studio (for the tour shirts), Andy Duarte (for so much), Alan Tickhill, Alex Wilson, Dave Sturdy, Emil Kunda, Mad Len, Jen Meriot, Peter Francis, Ricky Rock at Rock Land, Richard Rees, Rob Lucas, John Dryland, The Donnie Vie Fans Club and The Donnie Vie Band.

Enjoy! Baz Francis, 19th December 2013 x

‘Goodbye : Enough Z’nuff’ shall be available through: www.cargorecordsdirect.co.uk

The above article was taken from Baz Francis official Facebook

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