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Jizzy Pearl drops LOVE/HATE name from new record after threats of legal action from former guitarist Jon E Love. Pearl says; “In the end ex-members just aren’t worth the hassle.”



Jizzy Pearl on removing the Love/Hate name from his new recording; “In the end ex-members just aren’t worth the hassle.”


Why did I change the Love/Hate record to a Jizzy Pearl record?

Simply put, because dealing with ex-members isn’t worth the hassle. I don’t want to spend thousands fighting over a band that makes hundreds. This isn’t Queensryche, or Great White, we’re not talking about a band that makes $12,000.00 or $20,000.00 a night. You know why the 2 L.A.Guns didn’t sue each other? It wasn’t worth the money to sue each other, period. Now cut that money in half and you get Love/Hate. But there are some people out there who still think Love/Hate is the “Golden Goose,” Some people think that Love/Hate sells T-shirts like Iron Maiden or Motorhead. Some people still think MTV plays videos…unless you’ve gassed up the van and done the tours Bang-Tango style like I have then I guess you don’t really know.

So here’s the deal–I’ll do this last and final tour as Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate or Jizzy Pearl of Love/Hate, whatever fits, the fans will know who is and who isn’t in the band. After that we’ll put the whole thing to bed and I’ll never play with any of these ex-members again. And to prove how lucrative it is touring in a van I invite all the Love/Hate ex-members to form their own Love/Hate’s, why should I have all the fun eating at Waffle House breakfast lunch and dinner, driving for hours every day hung over and getting ripped off by promoters? C’mon get off the couch, put on those old leather pants from the ‘Blackout’ video and come ‘Live the Dream’.

If there can be two Great White’s and two Queensryches why can’t there be four versions of Love/Hate! It’ll be like the four KISS records.

As for me I look forward to a great 2014 with a great new band, great guys, great stages, great production and food that doesn’t come out of a tube.

I love Love/Hate–The fans are great, the music was superb but in the end ex-members just aren’t worth the hassle…

Jizzy Pearl



We’re assuming the change is the direct result of ex. Love/Hate guitarist Jon E Love’s threat of legal action against his former band mate.



Jizzy Pearl “Crucified” out now @  iTunes  also find Jizzy @ Facebook  -  Quiet Riot


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  • Do Whatchyalike

    Have fun suing, douchebag.

  • Jon Love

    Didn’t have to sue him. He just realized his actions could lead to damages and did what he should have done decades ago..Shame it had to come to being threatened with a law suit to stop.

  • simon

    You sound like a bit of a knob Jon.

  • Johnny Kush

    i didn’t want to do this but come on jon lets get to the real story here jizzy asked you and the guys to do this album and you all told him to fuck off jizzy has been scraping and clawing his way through this country in vans keeping the flame burning while guys like skid was doing the family thing not touching his bass or writing songs i don’t want to air out joeys problems on here and we all know what your problem was jon when you where replaced by darren. jizzy is rock and roll has toured non stop while you guys aren’t doing shit!! so now you have to treat us fans like shit? i would rather see jizzy with a bunch of seasoned pros not scabs as you would call them playing love hate shows then not have any love hate shows at all!! i like that you gloss over the fact that you can’t play to your fan base in the uk because of your record and now by you being an asshole i will never get to see love hate ever again. i remember when you didn’t have a problem putting an album out with mark torn singing on it that was fine? please jon do the right thing and let jizzy use the name don’t you owe it to your fans ? come on man i want to see love hate again but i can’t because you are being a dick i am your biggest fan jon don’t get me wrong i love your playing and i love the new blackboard stuff just be cool and maybe after jazzy gets it rolling again and can generate an income so you guys can eat and pay mortgage I know if there was demand jazzy would welcome all you guys back sorry jon but your always welcome on my show to tell your side thank you

  • mkhnks


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