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Shotgun Messiah members forge into 2014 as Shotgun with a new video release and more shows planned!




Shotgun Messiah members forge into 2014 as Shotgun, with a new video release and more shows planned.


*****  Celebration of Shotgun Messiah 25 years Anniversary*****

Sweden —  Original Singer  Zinny Zan &  Drummer  Stixx of of Swedish Sleaze/ Glam band Shotgun Messiah decided early this year that they would do a 1 time only Celebration tour in order to Celebrate the 25 years  since the release of their self titled debut album.

The fact that neither Harry Cody ( Original guitar player) and Tim Skold ( Bass player n later singer after Zinny) was in this reunion Zinny & Stixx decided to use only half of the name in order to not fool anyone that this was a 100% Shotgun Messiah reunion, Therefor they decided on the name Shotgun.

It was something that we felt we owed our home country supporters of Sweden and also our European supporters  Zinny states, This since we only played one single gig with Shotgun Messiah before re locating to the U.S. Zinny continues.

2013 was planned to be the Celebration of  Shotgun year and more than 20 bookings in Europe was booked , England , Italy , Germany ,  Netherlands  together with the Scandinavian countries but due to personal reasons for 2 members of the band the 20 gig tour  turned out to be only 3  performances for Shotgun, 1 Festival n 2 club gigs in their native home country Sweden.

These 3 gigs was a great success and we were very much welcomed back not only from our Swedish supporters but also from supporters from Russia, Italy, Spain, etc that came to our gigs in Sweden Stixx adds. Therefore Me n’ Zinny decided together with Axeman Rob Marcello ( Danger Danger) Chris Laney handling the bass ( originally a guitar player ,songwriter n’ producer) to continue this journey also through 2014 Stixx adds.

2 more festivals in Sweden is booked for 2014 and more is to come. Personally I would love to do the states again Zinny says, I haven’t played there in a very long time and the Americans were the ones that broke this band from day 1.

Note: a 5th member Jonas Beijer is also in the band doing sampling n back up.


For more info on Shotgun @ Website –  Zinny ZanChris LaneyRob MarcelloWikipedia

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