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Darren Smith of Red Dragon Cartel Issues Statement, “No excuses. I Fucked up!” Read The Full Statement Then See His Semi Nude Photos And Pink Bunny Suit.

Darren_Smith_Apology_2_2013Darren Smith of Pink Dragon Cartel – Photo courtesy of Facebook


Darren Smith of Red Dragon Cartel Issues Statement; “No excuses. I Fucked up!”


The World Wide Web — After a whirlwind 72 hours of mayhem following the RED DRAGON CARTEL debut show the bands singer breaks his silence.

Darren’s statement below was posted today on the bands official website. This new statement comes on the heels of an apparent band statement  that was full of excuses.  The band statement blames everything from bad monitors to bad American cough syrup for the singer’s horrible performance last Thursday at the world famous “Whisky-A-Go-Go”.   How bad was it? Well, it can only be described if one would dare to watch the video clips found in our Friday the 13th article.

So with that said, we’re posting Darren’s statement below along with some photos we grabbed from Darren’s official Facebook page.

Darren_Smith_Apology_1_2013Darren’s official apology to fans of Red Dragon Cartel & Jake E. LeeDarren_Smith_Apology_3_2013Darren shows off the deli tray meat back stage.
Pink Dragon Cartel Baby Tees coming soon!

Darren shows off his lack of pubes up in Canada!


Hey Darren,

You did fuck up. And we give you props for stepping up like a man and owning it.

It appears you are kind of a funny guy based on these whacky photos you have all over your Facebook. We can dig that, cuz we’re funny too. But to be clear, you have a job to do in Jake’s band. We’re gonna go out on a limb and guess it shouldn’t involve pink bunny suits, being semi nude on stage, or getting super sloshed pre-show. So know you are officially on notice to step it up son.

Metal Sludge would like to welcome you to your new found celebrity.

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  • Varoom

    This is just getting more soap opera by the moment. If it gives Jake more attention, then I’m fine with it.

  • mkhnks

    At this point what could the guy do, but acknowledge he stunk up the joint? He’s right, he lucky he didn’t lose his job. I’m guessing he’s going to sober up and quit trying to pretend to be a rock star the next time out.

  • rf

    I’ve killed this guy in a number of posts but I’m glad to see he stepped up and admitted the obvious and didn’t try to make a number of BS excuses like their PR hack did earlier. I have to give him props for that. He was terrible and he admitted it. Now, hopefully this is a major wake up call and he now realizes how important this gig is to Jake E. Lee and his huge fan base and he treats it seriously. I would love nothing more than for this dude to pull it together and prove all of us wrong and go out there and be the great frontman the Jake E. Lee deserves. Maybe some good will come out of all of this drama and Jake puts a bunch of rules in place like: Nobody in the band drinks alcohol before or during the show – Nobody thinks its cool and everyone needs to be able to perform properly, No more jumping around the stage like a buffoon – Nobody in the audience thinks it’s funny, Don’t yell stupid shit into the mic like “I’M FUCKIN’ DRUNK!” or “I FORGOT THE FUCKIN’ WORDS!” – you’re not DLR circa 1983, No more going shirtless until he loses the beer gut, he must sing the Ozzy and Badlands songs properly in key and sing the correct lyrics, like people expect them to sound.

  • rf

    To be totally fair and honest, Darren stepped it up big time for show #2 in Jake’s hometown of San Diego last night. Darren got destroyed for that first show and rightfully so, but now he deserves some props for taking all of the criticism and coming out two nights later and putting on a much better performance.

    San Diego – Brick by Brick 12/15/13
    Ultimate Sin, Deceived, Highwire

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