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Red Dragon Cartel defends singer, says Smith had jet lag, strep throat, used American cough syrup, lost a monitor and the teleprompter was set up wrong!




Red Dragon Cartel replies and defends singer Darren Smith, blames it on American cough syrup and a bad monitor!


Las Vegas, NV — After the debut show for Red Dragon Cartel in Hollywood the band found itself the recipient of a virtual barrage of insults from around the world. It just goes to show you how powerful the internet and youtube really are. The complaints are in the hundreds and fans from all walks of life are literally screaming through their keyboards -  “Why in the hell is that guy singing in the band?”

The camp have come forward and posted a detailed explanation in defense of the performance of lead singer Darren Smith. The new frontman for Jake E. Lee’s comeback project is under heavy fire after the debut show hit YouTube. In a matter of hours several of the video clips have thousands of views, with hundreds of negative comments. Smith is being hammered all over the internet from music sites like Metal Sludge and Metal Assault to the bands own Facebook page. Let us not forget the kings of sting Blabbermouth.  Fans are not sitting idle or quiet and are speaking out.

With such an out pouring of love for Jake, and hate for the new vocalist, it appears the band had to make a move. And they did.

A post from the bands website admits a ‘sub standard performance’ by Smith. But why did this happen? According to the  post headlined – “In Defense of Darren Smith” – it claimed it was the cough syrup. Yes, you read that right. Not just any cough syrup though. It was American cough syrup. It seems that Darren is Canadian and our American cough syrup contributed to his off night.  But wait, that’s not all. There is also the fact that a monitor went out, the teleprompter wasn’t set up correctly, he had jet lag, a claim of having strep throat and they had to pick through 40 songs for this set.


Singer pleez!

Check out the lead post from the bands official Red Dragon Cartel website HERE posted below.

Dear Red Dragon Cartel,

Are you cereal on that laundry list of excuses? We’ll all be waiting.

Sincerely, The World.

To see this buffoon filled blog from Red Dragon Cartel, go to their official site HERE

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  • mkhnks

    I’ll agree, this guy has to be better than his debut show suggests. Nobody would perform with Smith as their lead singer if he were really as bad as the clips from his debut indicate. It will be interesting to see how much better he does when he no longer has 13-14 excuses.

  • The_Closet_Nerd

    I ran out of gas! I–I had a flat tire! I didn’t have enough money for cab fare! My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners! An old friend came in from out of town! Someone stole my car! There was an earthquake! A terrible flood! Locusts! I swear I can sing, I SWEAR! IT WASN’T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO GOD!!!

  • Varoom

    That’s a lot of excuses. But ok… I’ll wait until the next few shows. No skin off my back.

  • Throwinthehorns

    He actually is a very good singer. This is the former drummer for the Candian band Harem Scarem. Want to here him sing? YouTube the song Sentimental Blvd from Harem Scarem. I’m going to give him a break for now….

  • Steve Beard

    Nerver said why he told the audience their singing sucks, but doesn’t want to be called out himself. Sounds like a gaint ego already forming.

  • Mickmars

    The dog ate my homework…….

  • rage67

    Sorry….but I say B*LLSH*T!!! This guy has had months, close to a year to be prepared for this. A teleprompter for a 1 hour set when you’ve had more than enough opportunity to know the lyrics backwards & forwards!!! When you are at this level you know the stakes are high and the pressure is on and this guy in my eyes failed miserably. Making lame assed excuses and having the band back him makes me question this entire project.

  • rf

    Okay, let’s accept ALL of their excuses for a moment. The one thing that still doesn’t wash is; IF this guy really had strep throat and took some of our American cough syrup, why would he be drinking alcohol before and during the show? Anyone with half a brain knows you can’t take medication even over the counter cough medicine and then do a few shots and down a couple beers AND still be coherent and functional. So, besides Jake firing the goof ball singer, he can now fire his PR person for insulting everyone’s intelligence and making up a bunch of BS excuses, instead of just admitting the performance sucked and they’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again. Why not just say something like, “We’re sorry and we agree this performance wasn’t up to the high standards that are expected. But don’t discount this band based on one performance. We can assure you that the problems will be worked out and the band will come out firing on all cylinders during or next and future shows. This one show was a huge learning experience and won’t happen again”?

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  • Greg Wythe

    I caught Jake when he was trying to get Wicked Alliance off the ground with Mandy Lion. They stalled on taking the stage in order to perform a 45-60 minute set and people in the audience were yelling out loud about how bad Lion was. I’m looking forward to hearing Jake’s guitar work on the new release, but the recent showing definitely sounds like a replay of the Wicked Alliance fiasco.

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