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Jake E. Lee’s Return With RED DRAGON CARTEL Destroyed By The Singer’s Inabilities And Buffoonery. Video Clips That Make You Go WTF?



Jake E. Lee’s Long Awaited Return With RED DRAGON CARTEL Ruined By Buffoon Singer.


Hollywood, CA — Welcome to the speed of the internet folks. Good news travels fast, but bad news travels even faster.

It’s been less than 24 hours since the debut of Jake E. Lee’s new project RED DRAGON CARTEL at the World Famous “Whisky-A-Go-Go” and we’re here to report – it was a fucking train wreck.

It seems many fans are none to happy with what they heard last nite. At least not from the singer. Fans have been excited for this project for months and many have waited years, even decades for the return of Jake E. Lee. And to many – wow was it a let down.

The word on the street is that last night’s debut show was embarrassing in many ways. Too bad for Jake, as the fans have been patient for 20 years and for all the hype that surrounded this gig it was actually beyond sad to many who attended.

Listening to these clips is atrocious. The lead singer Darren Smith is horribly out of key but that isn’t the half of it. You expect that from a D-list hairband singer, but not from a guy who is suppose to walk in the shoes of the late and great Ray Gillen. Worse yet, was every stupid cliche’ rock star comment you would NEVER expect to hear at a show featuring a class act like Jake E. Lee. But Smith did them all, said them all and just played himself as a fool like it was his first time on stage.

As the first chorus nears for “Bark At The Moon” Smith yells “Sing it for me” and the crowd does just that. So, what is his next remark? A rousing “That sucked!”  Sounds like he’s channeling his best Geoff Tate sans the vocal ability of course.  As the band plays on Smith gets lost vocally and screams “I’m fucking drunk!” at the 1.12 mark of the “Bark…” clip. As Jake takes center stage for the solo of what could be considered his biggest ever hit,once again Mr. Moron with a microphone walks up (4.30 mark) and holds up his beer, then motions for a response from the crowd, not once, not twice, but three times and shouts some in-audible nonsense into the mic. All the while his ‘boss’ and the main reason there were hundreds of people crammed into the “Whisky” was trying to do his job. Play lead guitar. Not done yet, nope – more from the moron. Due to the fact the song was such a big smash, they extend it to nearly 6 minutes so Mr. Lee can give the fans what they want. More of him playing his guitar. Cringe worthy is what happens during the last minute of the song as Jake tries to perform while the lead Asshat jumps around in the middle of stage ala a drunk Jim Morrison.

And guess what? That is just the nonsense that happened during one song.

“Rock N’ Roll Rebel” is another low light for sure. Smith seems to be reading lyrics off the floor and at several points during the song sings “Rock N’ Roll Devil.” Umm, wrong title dumb fuck. Clearly Smith’s vocal talent does not match Jake’s ability to still shred the guitar. The only clear match on stage all night was the singer’s beer gut and the drummer’s even bigger beer gut. Hello guys, no one is gonna win a Josh Todd 6-pack contest so please keep your shirts on.

After the band complete “The Ultimate Sin” Smith yells out “We’re back Motherfuckers!”

Our question is, “How is that possible?” You were never even here. If anything, the frontman should have set up a ‘welcome back’ to Jake with a simple hand gesture and bow. And done so with a grace and style that fits the man that Jake has always been. A fans comment below sums it up saying “Ray must be crying in heaven.”

The mighty youtube has already posted a half dozen video clips and they don’t lie.  Overall the biggest complaint from the fans is Jake’s choice of singer.  We’ll let these video clips speak for themselves.

The following comments were taken from these YouTube clips from fans.

EPIC FAIL! The singer BLOWS!!

Great to see Jake E. Lee back in action.. But he must get a better vocalist…

jake deserves to have a much better singer than this.

Watson Fiveohthree
Jake is awesome and the band sounds great but that vocalist is a tool and needs to go asap.

Dan McCloy
Jake is awesome. Hate to say it, but the singer is ruining this. I wasn’t expecting Ray Gillen, but this guy is really bad.

Joe Polito
Fack vocalist is so bad I cant listen to the rest of the song, Damn! Jake Nice, OMFG Jake please listen this guy is making you look bad, he is off key more than he is on key, F@ck Me!

Daniel Rosenqvist
Ray is crying in heaven, when this singer do a horrible job.

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  • Tora_Tora

    Terrible! That “singer” used to be the drummer in a cheesy Canadian band
    called Harem Scarem.

  • mkhnks

    How do you debut a band with a singer that terrible? 80 million wannabe singers and that’s the best Lee could find?

  • Richard Smothers

    BWAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Dead-on accurate review. Has Jake been drug-tested lately, because someone would have to be severely impaired to think that amateur, idiotic, embarrassing piece-of-shit “singer” is worthy of being on stage outside of a shithole bar on a Tuesday night with a bunch of guys in their 40s playing covers somewhere in the Central Valley. Seriously, you’d have to go to fucking Fresno to find a guy of Smith’s “caliber”. Jesus H.

  • Roy Young

    Damnit to hell JAKE! He blows! You Need a real metal vocalist Bro! I could slay this guy on my worst day even with bronchitis! Dont settle for this.. You deserve someone who will respect the opportunity and deliver. Someone who walks the walk and got the lungs and presence. I can give you both. Would love an opportunity to sing a set with you and prove it. Been a fan of your work since the beginning man. Hate to see my heroes playing with people who have already fallen from grace. Love you man, you deserve better.

  • Millard Henderson

    Great to see you back Jake, Unfortunately I do agree with the general sentiment of this article – you & your fans deserve better vox. And finding someone who isn’t so obviously full of himself might be a good place to start. Don’t get me wrong, cocky works when they can back it up but performance and class can go quite a long ways & this guy could certainly take some lessons there.

  • rf

    What the hell is the singer thinking? He recently won a gig that many talented professional singers would love to get, so you would think this guy would respect that and realize how lucky he is and take this gig seriously. I think it’s a total slap in the face to Jake when this guy is downing beers on stage, yelling stupid shit into microphone during songs like “I’M FUCKIN’ DRUNK!” then strutting and jumping around shirtless with his beer gut sticking out like a drunk idiot and acting like a total amateur fool onstage DURING THE FIRST SHOW. This unknown guy shows up to the first show and thinks he’s a rock star and people are there to see him. It won’t be long before Jake dumps this guy and gets someone that treats this opportunity seriously because this guy obviously isn’t taking it seriously. But, I blame Jake for all of this. He picked this guy based off of a demo tape and a rehearsal. I think this is the first time this guy has been the frontman in a band, he was a drummer in his previous bands Harem Scarem and War Machine. Jake should’ve picked someone who was actually the frontman in a band before AND had experience performing live on stage, instead of a guy that doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. It’s one thing to be able to sing in a studio or a rehearsal space. It’s a whole different thing to be able to perform on stage in front of an audience. I can’t see this band playing in front of big crowds or playing in front of the massive festival crowds in Europe with this guy as the frontman. He couldn’t really handle performing in front of a few hundred people at The Whisky. I won’t be shocked at all if this ends up being the only show this guy performs with Jake E. Lee.

  • JDOnt

    Its one thing to trash a singer but to trash another band? You heard the guitar player from Scarem? He’s one of the best players out there. Lets call you out, What have you done musically?Any recordings to your credit? Or are you just some EVH wanna be playing in some crappy VH cover band?

  • andy

    hey i mean i read what you guys wrote and like i mean you could have given the guys an even break i mean you write better shit about bands that are far worse what’s up with you lot anyway…?! maybe they were nervous maybe they needed to warm up i mean you guys can’t treat people like this after a 20 year absence i think you guys should write this again and be a little more.. uhm i don’t know how you call it lets say…frendly…i mean after 20 years these guys sure don’t owe anybody anything or any explanations…cause i mean i don’t agree with what you’ve written at all on here…you guys are killing this reunion as of like before it’s even started…and onestly i don’t think it’s right!! i mean who payed you guys to write this shit is what i’m really intrested in more than anything else to be truelly onest..?!?

  • Evil Larry

    This essentially was a cover song. I’ve seen some pretty piss poor covers in my time but damn. I couldn’t watch more than 35 seconds of Bark At The Moon and even less of Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel. Not bothering with the other clips. I have a bigger appreciation for Ozzy now. Even though he should have quit like ten years ago.

  • Chownsey

    The band sounds tight despite the shitass singer. I hope they fire his botty ASAP and come to Argentina.

  • rf

    What reunion are you talking about? This is Jake E. Lee’s comeback. Nobody even knows who the other guys are in this “New” band. I think the jack ass singer should’ve been at least a little interested in making a good first impression and winning over the crowd. Everyone was there to see Jake E. Lee and he played great, there has been zero complaints about Jake’s performance. But you can go on many websites and ALL of the talk about this show is the embarrassing amateur front man acting like a fool and nobody is talking about how great Jake played that night. Not Good!

  • Ronnie Pudding

    Know what’s crazy? This was the drummer’s old band — in which he was singer. http://youtu.be/90d5keHfNmE

  • rf

    Holy Shit! Jake needs to boot the jack ass singer and then move Jonas Fairley from behind the drum kit and make him the new frontman, then hire a new drummer to perform live. He sounds awesome! I just found this website that has a few streaming songs for his previous band Black Betty. How does Jake hire a guy to be the singer who can’t perform or handle the material vocally and he has a great singer sitting behind the drum kit, who has performed and fronted bands before? http://www.heshootshescoresentertainment.com/?page_id=14

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  • mkhnks

    what drugs do you use…i mean how can you write such unintelligent dribble and not be embarrassed….who paid you to come up with such lame excuses for a lousy performance by the lead singer…i mean you make no sense at all

  • mkhnks

    A guy who thinks the lead singer’s previous band was “cheesy” has to have been in a band to validate that opinion? I have no idea whether or not Harem Scarem was cheesy, but your defense of the band is idiotic. I have no idea if HS is cheesy, but one great guitar player does not a great band make. Therefore Tora_Tora is welcome to call HS “cheesy,” even if he’s in the minority.

  • JDOnt

    I think the comments are getting out of hand, and in all fairness now someone is trying to drag another band into to the mix? It has nothing to do with HS at all.

  • mkhnks

    It’s not relevant to the lousy job Darren Smith did as the lead singer for RDC the other night, but his resume is of interest in relationship to the job he has now. On one hand I could argue that he deserves a break if he hasn’t been a lead singer previously and was messed up on U.S. cough syrup (hilarious claim amongst the excuses given). On the other hand I could argue Lee looks like a fool for hiring a rookie lead singer, if that’s the case.

    The fact Smith was a drummer in an allegedly cheesy Canadian band doesn’t tell me everything I need to know, but it’s a start. And I saw somebody claim there’s a video of him on lead vocals performing with Harem Scarem. So how is his membership in that band irrelevant?

    Like it or not, his career resume is relevant to what he’s doing today as a member RDC. If it wasn’t, then Lee wouldn’t be playing classic Ozzy songs as part of the RDC set list. Sorry, you don’t get to have it both ways.

    What I can’t figure out is why you are so damn concerned with defending the good name of Harem Scarem? You claim that that comments are “getting out of hand,” yet all that was noted was that Smith was (still is?) a drummer in a band that one guy said is cheesy. Your argument against the claim HS is cheesy is laughable, and ridiculous, and now you claim the comments are getting out of hand? If you hadn’t made an idiotic argument, nobody would be talking about HS.

    So what’s your hidden agenda? Why are your panties in a bunch over the fact one guy noted Smith was (or is) a drummer in a Canadian band? You seem to be so upset about it. I’m guessing you’re a member of the “cheesy” band, and being called cheesy has your panties in the proverbial bunch.

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  • Carl

    YEah whats your musical credentials asshat????…………oh yeah that’s right, your signed to suck labels!!! Harem Scarem and Darren Smith can crap better talent out than you could ever hope to have!!!
    Tora tora!!!! Losa losa!!!

  • Carl

    HS still sold more records than you could ever dream of, you and laura laura!!! Cheesy or not!

  • mkhnks

    You are correct. Completely irrelevant, but hey, nobody said you have to think critically to respond, so well done.

  • mkhnks

    It pains me to see such a lack of critical thinking.

  • JRNYE5C4P3

    Basically, the whole band sucks, except Jake. Everybody looked lost or like a deer stuck in the headlights-look. Nobody took time to study Rock N Roll Performance 101. Time for a redo and just write this one off as a big Opps!

    Jake, if you need a bassist that works well in a band, look me up.

    Johnee D’Shea

  • Termie

    Two words- PATRICK STONE

  • rf

    To be fair, Darren stepped it up big time for show #2 in Jake’s hometown of San Diego last night. I bashed Darren for that first show and rightfully so, but now I’ll give him some props for accepting all of the criticism like a man and coming out two nights later and putting on a much better performance. If he can build off of the San Diego performance he should be a fine frontman for Jake E. Lee.

    San Diego – Brick by Brick 12/15/13

    Ultimate Sin, Deceived, Highwire

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  • Tim St John

    Put me in coach. I’ll blow this guy away.

  • Tim St John

    Totally dude.

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  • Carl

    I critically think your sitting in your moms basement bitter that he has a better musical career than you and you have to post hate on forums to make yourself look and feel better. you can do a better job?? Get up there and do it. Where he played before and what he is doing now is two different things. One night does not make or break a musician. You must think pretty low of Jake E Lee to think he would choose what you are describing as a hack or washed up musician or whatever you think Darren is.
    All in all, he got the gig, he had a rough night, he’s on tour with the mighty Jake, your there and I am here, who has the right to slag him or his previous band for that matter.? Sure as hell not you or I !!

  • mkhnks

    Comments from Darren Smith apologists have become quite hilarious.

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  • Alan

    I’m thinkin’ Jeff Scott Soto, Mats Leven, John Corabi, Marq Torien, & I don’t know how many others like them that may not have the pipes they used to have, but could still put on a damn fine show and professionally to say the least. Why this Jake?

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  • Stefan

    Really? He’s not up to par to Jake’s shredding skills? You focused so much on the singer. Jake’s sounds very sloppy too!

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