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Stacey Blades on LET IT RAWK “It’s a serious show….not slap stick like the Steel Panther thing.”



 Stacey Blades on LET IT RAWK “It’s a serious show….not slap stick like the Steel Panther thing” and states “Hollywood is kind of depressing”


Las Vegas — Stacey Blades the former L.A. Guns guitarist recently talked in depth with the Hellion from BLEACH BANGS RADIO about his new Las Vegas based music project LET IT RAWK.

In the interview Blades talks in a semi negative tone about the Sunset Strip and his former home base (Los Angeles). “The Key Club is gone, and the Cat Club is closed. There is just a handful of venues left to play. It’s kind of depressing there.”  Blades continues talking about Hollywood California and how the Sunset Strip was once a ‘mecca’ for music and now he wants to bring some of that Sunset Strip to Las Vegas according to his plans.

It appears that Las Vegas as a whole is getting a little excited in recent years with a few bars popping up. The club “Vamp’d” has been actively booking 80s bands for years and was previously known as “Dr. Feelgoods” with a direct association to Vince Neil of Motley Crue. Now Vince recently opened up his new venture “Tatuado Cantina.”  And anyone who has been to Vegas, knows the SIN CITY SINNERS have been the ‘go to’ hairband show in town for years. Sounds like the competition is heating up for that ’80s’ crowd for sure.

“The idea is to play a couple of times a month – in Vegas. I don’t wanna burn the show out here, trying to do it on a weekly basis.  There are other shows that do that and (you) get into a redundancy factor.” Sounds like Blades is taking on all comers from the mighty STEEL PANTHER to local kings SIN CITY SINNERS. Stacey made sure to let the interviewer know, “It’s a serious show. Not a slap stick thing like STEEL PANTHER.”

How can STEEL PANTHER not be serious? All Airplane jokes aside, the schtick is part of their deal – and as for seriousness, STEEL PANTHER is seriously kicking all kinds of 80s Metal ass all over the planet. And if there is a runner-up, it’s HAIRBALL from Minneapolis who have also cemented their brand over a 15 year run. Much like the kings have themselves. Kings being, STEEL PANTHER.

Blades also acknowledges the project has already went through 3 drummers in a month. It’s noted on the original promo and press release from December 4th that Brent Fitz (Slash, Union) was the drummer. Now Blades says Fitz had been the replacement for original drummer Jimmy D’Anda (Bulletboys). But it appears due to scheduling conflicts neither drummer can commit. So, now Mr. LET IT RAWK says Scott Coogan (Ace Frehley, Brides of Destruction) will fill the drum throne for now.

The project is promoting itself to have some ‘floating members’ and Blades says the original plan was to have Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister on board. That didn’t seem to be conducive to a West Coast based project with Ojeda living on the East Coast. So, add Oz Fix of Stryper. Or so it has been said. But it seems unlikely Fox will be much involved on a regular basis with a brand new Stryper record “Hell To Pay” getting rave reviews and the band looks to have a full schedule in 2014.

“I really wanna take people on a journey and let people escape into the music for that evening. We’re gonna take the show National beginning in March.”  says the projects lead lead guitarist and founder.

Stay tuned for LET IT RAWK coming soon to your city. Or will it fold before summer?  Only time will tell.

For the full interview check the youtube clip below.

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