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What Did Kevin DuBrow Really Think Of Jizzy Pearl As A Singer? And Did Frankie Banali Actually Consider Brad Pitt As A Replacement For Kevin Way Back When? Read It Here.



What did Kevin DuBrow really think about Jizzy Pearl?


Los Angeles, CA — With the recent development of Quiet Riot adding Jizzy Pearl as their new frontman we dug into the Metal Sludge archives and found some interesting tidbits from our past Quiet Riot related interviews.

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Taken from our first ever interview with Kevin DuBrow first published back on July 18th 2000.

Check out questions #3 &  #5 below.

3.  Other than Quiet Riot, what hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

This is a real pet peeve of mine. No one should give it up, especially not Quiet Riot! These are artists, like them or not who have spent years trying to make it in Rock and Roll. It’s their right to continue as long as they desire. If a fan doesn’t enjoy what a given artist is doing, there is a very simple solution. If they come on the radio, change the station. If you don’t like their CD’s, don’t buy them. If they are performing a live show, don’t buy a  ticket. This is America folks, and people can pursue any living they so desire!

5.  Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10.  1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being a killer singer.

David Lee Roth = I think Dave is the best frontman to ever come out of the U.S. He’s not the best technical singer, but I love his voice, attitude, lyrics, stage presence, interviews and his book. I’m a fan and a friend!
Stephen Pearcy = Sounds good on record when they triple track his voice. Never seen him live.
Jani Lane = Decent pop songwriter, needs a watch!
Bret Michaels = Another pop singer, his performance is influenced by DLR
Jack Russell = I really like this breed, high jumpers and good with children.
Vince Neil = Makes better home porn movies than I used to!
Jizzy Pearl = Good voice, very intelligent person
Tom Keifer = I could never tell if this was his natural voice or a falsetto. Sounds good, though.
Dave Mustaine = Not really familiar with his singing
Mark Slaughter = I’ll get you Dorothy!
Paul Shortino = Fine singer, nice guy, good album but they shouldn’t have called it Quiet Riot
Phil Lewis = Again, not familiar, can’t say.

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Check out a few off the wall and ironic comments from Kevin in questions #21 & #23 from his last interview with Metal Sludge January 15th 2005.

21. Fuck, Kill and Marry: Of the following people, which one would you fuck, which one would you kill, and with which one would you want to enter into holy matrimony?

Steven Adler, Ashlee Simpson, Dana Strum

I’d like to fucking kill Dana and Steven but give Steven a little time and he’ll take care of that himself!. Ashlee Simpson would be like marrying Milli Vanilli!

23. The Last of Kevin DuBrow:

Last movie you saw in the theatre = The Aviator
Last sporting event you attended = Kevin DuBrow’s world champion ping pong playoff’s in my garage.
Last concert you watched from the audience = Three Dog Night. They were great!
Last new song you heard on the radio that you dug = “Fall To Pieces”- Velvet Revolver
Last chain restaurant you ate at = Claim Jumper
Last time you appeared on television =VH-1′s Metal Moments
Last time you waxed your chest = Some chick poured hot wax on my chest last night. Does that count?
Last time you did big fat rails = Had some big fat snails about a month ago. Does that count?
Last time you talked to Carlos Cavazo = Sept 16, 2003
Last time you got drunk = I’m drunk right now. I’m currently on the Jani Lane all Booze diet.

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Lastly, let us take a look at Frankie Banali’s interview with another lost legend CC Banana.

Check out the final question of Frankie’s interview below from our Metal Sludge ReWind back on August 7th 2006.

22. Let’s face it, Frankie. You and Kevin aren’t getting any younger and you’re both circling the big 5-0. How much longer do you think you can keep Quiet Riot going? Do you plan to do what Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are threatening to do with Kiss and keep rotating in younger players like Alex Grossi and Billy Morris? If so, who could possibly replace you and Kevin?

Well, you just took the express lane to the number one position on my call list when we do decide to call it a day, but don’t hold your banana breath sitting by the phone.

Who could replace Kevin….? Well, Brad Pitt can’t sing, so……

Who could replace me? How about you? You do have a big banana, so there’s half the battle…….

Information on DuBrow’s death is noted below and taken from Wikipedia.

On November 25, 2007, Kevin DuBrow was found dead at his home in Las Vegas. Friends had been unable to contact DuBrow for a week, and he had failed to show up to thanksgiving arrangements he had made as well as a party hosted by his friend Glen Hughes.According to Hughes, DuBrow had told him a few days before he was unable to be contacted that he wanted to make changes to his lifestyle.Initial reports of his death were confirmed by local authorities and reported by major news outlets the following day. The cause of death was established to be an accidental cocaine overdose.KTNV in Las Vegas reported that he had died about six days before his discovery, November 19, 2007

Lastly, how epic is this? A recently uploaded video to YouTube of a Quiet Riot in-store signing at Licorice Pizza in Upland California from May 7th 1983. The same month the band played the now legendary US Festival.


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